Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Water bottles and equipment

While Pamela looks cute, this is not how we ride bikes when biking with the West Chester Cycling Club.

You will need two water bottles for your bike. You need to get 2 bottle cages and two bottles. Put the cages on BEFORE you first bike ride. DO not show up with bottled water from a store such as the ones below. They fall out of your water bottle cages as they are too small.

Get bike water bottles and the necessary cages if you want to ride with the Chicks.

I am strict about equipment as when you ride with me I am responsible for you. Having the right equipment makes the ride more fun. I have published many posts on equipment that you need when biking on the road.

Necessary Bike Gear

Where to Buy Bike Stuff

Two Bike Bags I use

Bike shoes and Cleats

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