Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Necessary Bike Gear

While you do not need a milk crate to carry all your bike stuff, you do need some bike stuff!

For anyone looking to get into biking, I suggest some of the following equipment:

1. Bike bag - fill it with 2 extra tubes, tire levers and an inflation system, either CO2 and or a pump. that attaches to your bike. Most pumps that come on bikes are not very good. So check out your pump and make it works.

2. ID - use Road ID, carry an extra insurance card or an old driver's license.

3. Cell Phone - a fully charged phone and put a contact in called ICE (in case of emergency) and put a number there of someone who is gonna answer the phone.

4. Money - carry some money in your bike bag for drinks or food.

5. Drinks and food - two water bottles, you can put water in or once we hit the really hot weather, you will want a rehydrating type liquid such as Gatorade in at least one bottle. Carry some snacks, cookies or any easy snack you have in the house.

6. Bike Gloves

7. Optional road bike shoes and cleats

8. Good bike pants

9. Sunglasses and a rear view mirror that attaches to glasses or helmet.

10. Some good common sense of how to ride a bike with traffic and some idea of where Chester County is and some of the main roads. If you do not live in Chester County, get a map and look at it. As anything can happen and you may get separated and need some idea of where you are if calling for help.

11. Cue Sheets, print these up from the WCCC ride page and bring them to the Biker Chick rides.

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