Thursday, August 28, 2008


Brandywine Tour Ride this Sunday, come on out, lots of rides to choose from and the food is supposed to be very very good.

Chicks will gather near the sign in table. Look for each other


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

cannot make tonight,Wed 8/27

can anyone step in for me tonight??

otherwise, i cannot make it,

something came up


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rides for week of Aug 24

Sunday Aug 24, Ice Cream ride cancelled but Ellen and I are meeting at Betzwood at 7:30 am for a fast paced ride on the Schuylkill River Trail. IF interested, be there at 7:20 or so as we take off at 7:30 am

We will go all the way around the Art Museum with few stops and a fast pace.

ONLY ONE RIDE during the week. Wednesday Evening at Hot Foot. This ride will be for folks on big slow bikes or mountain bikes etc. We will do 18 miles, out to Malvern and back. Bring LOTS of fluids, 2 water bottles. Meet at Hot Foot at 530 pm. If you are a fast rider and would like to come as well, keep in mind, we will not go your speed but the speed will be geared to NEWBIES.

The ride to Malvern has a few hills but it is not too bad. This is your chance to try riding with the Biker Chicks if you have been afraid to do so in the past.

NO RIDE Saturday. I am biking Sunday morning in the Brandywine Tour. I signed up for 50 miles and hope to bike to the ride. It is starting at Pocopson Elem School. If you would like to bike to the ride with me, meet at my house at 6:40 am. We will head down rt 842, Rt 100 and then onto rt 926.

206 E Virginia Ave

google address for directions

Krissy went flying

Well, we had our first official bad crash today. Krissy's front tire exploded as we were heading down N New Street. It sounded like a gun going off and it scared Krissy so much she went flying over her handlebars.

A scary sight to see and it shook Krissy up. We got the tire changed but her bike was not road worthy and Leslie ( Viktor's wife) volunteered to get Krissy back to Hot Foot and her car.

Wishing you the best Krissy. Not sure why her tire exploded but explode it did!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ice cream cone ride cancelled


I did not hear from any of you about the Ice Cream Cone ride and I am cancelling it. Saturday's ride is still on, leaving Hot Foot at 8:40 am, 30 miles

I signed up for the Brandywine Tour Ride for next Sunday.Information on this ride is in posts below.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bike Maps

This link above will take you to the Bicycling Coalition of Philadelphia webpage. This group made a map of the entire Phila area and shows good roads to bike and bad roads to bike. This map can be bought at Staples and bike stores. The map is invaluable if you are serious about biking in the area.

I have this map and find it very helpful when planning bike rides.

Directions to rides


Biker Chick rides usually take off from Hot Foot Cycle lot in WC boro at intersection of Hannun Avenue and W Gay Street or Shaws Bridge Park or Betzwood Bridge for the River Bike Trail, at exit Trooper Road off of RT 422 west

Photo below is a 360 rotating pic of the intersection where Shaws Bridge is located.

If you are unfamiliar with these start points, get onto GOOGLEmaps and study the map

BEFORE heading out in your car. And print up the maps so you have some reference where you are on the roads while looking for a start place.

I cannot be responsible for supplying you with directions from your house to these spots.

If you want to bike in Chester County it is not a bad idea to study a map before heading out. Get familiar with the roads in Chester County and their names and locations. You should know rt 842, rt 162, rt 322, rt 100 etc. You need some frame of reference in case of emergencies.

Anything can happen on a ride, you can get separated from me or one of us may have an accident or anything. You have to be able to tell someone where you are when you call for help.

I am a stickler on safety and to me safety on a bike ride means KNOWING where you are.

Always have your back up plan ready, someone you can call who can come get you in an emergency.

map of Shaws Bridge, Rt 842 and S Creek Rd

View Larger Map

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rides for week of Aug 18

Tuesday eve Aug 19 5:30 pm RECOVERY ride for Elaine and Libby, 20 miles at a very easy pace, come join us as we recover from 63 mile, congrats Elaine, I was near the sign in table with all of the other WCCC riders, SOOOOO sorry I missed you. CONGRATS TO YOU coming back so strong after your broken elbow.

This ride takes off from HotFoot Cycles in the boro of W Chester, W Gay Street and Hannun Ave intersection

Thursday morning Aug 21 930 Shaws Bridge Park 26 miles

Saturday morning Aug 23 8:40 am
Easy 30 mile ride cue #165, easy ride, HotFoot Lot in the WC boro

Sunday Aug 24 ICE CREAM CONE RIDE 10:30 am, PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE riding this ride. Bring cash. Ride will be around 40 miles. Easy pace and a ride for fun. Meet at Shaws Bridge Park on Rt 842. Right at the intersection of rt 842 and S Creek Rd, google it.


Aug 31 Sunday
- Brandywine Tour, August 31

September 7 Sunday 7:30 amSchuylkill River Trail ride, brunch in Manyunk at Le Bus, bring cash

meet at Betzwood at 730am

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saved by a big screw (tee hee)


Before I get to the Covered Metric, I had a stroke of good luck or I should say good planning. I recently put on new cleats and for some reason the right cleat had worked loose. I pulled over and saw that I had lost a screw and washer. Tightened the two screws I had and continued to the rest stop. BUT,I had recently put my old screws and washers in my bike bag and I had a flat head screwdriver as well. PRESTO!!

I fixed my wounded cleat. Chick I was biking with could not believe I had the screw and washer and the right tool. Biker Chicks RULE!!

Back to ride, I have one word to describe it.

FABULOUS, beyond any ride I have been on. I did 63 miles with a new lady, Becky Dinius. What a great ride partner to do the ride with. She had more bike road time than me so I had to kick it up a notch. So we managed to ride at 14.0 mph, my personal best for the road. The course had some hills and we hit a hefty head wind which was tiring but all my road miles came back in spades and I did very well.

Now Becky is what I would call a chick, me, I am more like an old stewing hen!!

But we finished in about 5 hrs including our rest stops and whatnot. But the scenery and the Amish buggies and kids, truly a great great ride.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Big Ride Tomorrow

Any lady who wants to do the Covered Bridge Metric in Lancaster, here is the information needed.

Follow link for information. I will be there at 7 am and hope to register and be on the road by 7:30 am. Look for me near the sign in table or the start point.

Cleaning bike today so hopefully it runs well. I understand there are only water stations along the course and one large lunch stop. I am taking small packets of Gatorade with me to mix with the water.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


last minute cancellation

NO ride this morning, Thursday

something cam up, apologize

hope the ladies who may have gone had a good ride


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NO ride this Saturday morning


NO RIDE this Saturday morning, I am leading Biker chicks who want to do the Lancaster Covered Bridge ride on Sunday. I am riding the 62 miles, first time this distance for me.

Hope to see some chicks there, I will be at the sign in table by 7 am

Hope to take off by 7:30 am

Turkey Hill ice cream at the end of the ride, now that is worth riding 62 miles!

Ice Cream Cone ride


Ladies, been thinking about the Ice Cream Cone Ride. It is scheduled for August 24. I had decided to do the Dog Daze 50 mile ride but on second thought, there are no places on this route to go to the bathroom nor get drinks.

So we will AGAIN do the original ride. This ride is about 40 miles from Shaws Bridge Park. There are plenty of places on this ride to stop and use bathrooms and get drinks. Plus the ice cream store is halfway. We pass lots of places like McDonalds and such in Kennett Square.

SO for the LAST time, we will leave Shaws Bridge Park at 10:30 am. This route will be approx 40 miles or so give or take. Have not actually biked it. Will try to drive the course prior to taking you chicks on it.

Frank D may also ride with us. Bring cash for the ice cream store, no credit cards.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Funny post, stole it off of my son's blog

Three Quick Ways to Improve Your Triathlon Performance

Here is a list of common questions I get from athletes. The questions tend to fall into three categories, so I will show a sample question from each category. The answer to each question is a quick tip for you!

1) Frey, I just don't have enough time to ride during the week. I work late... what do you recommend?

Get a new job.

2) Frey, I have been training hard, but I can't lose weight. How can I drop the pounds?

Stop eating so damn much.

3) My husband/wife complains to me all the time that I spend more time training than I do with him/her. How can I continue to train while keeping him/her happy?

Get a new him/her.

There you have it! Follow these three tips, and your performance will go through the roof!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

lots of area rides up to choose from

click on ride name and follow the live links

Covered Bridge Metric, August 17

lots of ride options and free Turkey Hill ice cream

Brandywine Tour, August 31

takes off from Pocopson Elementary School, lots of ride options

Seagull Century October 4

Ellen and I and Eileen and hubby are signed for this ride, let's see more chicks

Scenic Schuylkill Century Sat. Sept. 13

this ride is on the river trail and roads, would love to try this ride this year

Bike Fresh Bike Local, Sun. Sept. 21,

this ride takes off from Victory Brewing in Downingtown, check the link above for details

COVERED BRIDGES RIDE 2008, October 19, Bucks County

this ride goes through lots and lots of covered bridges, would like to try this ride as well

SO come on out ladies, lots of riding, you have nothing to lose, come ride for fun and exercise

Two special events planned

August 24, Sunday, Ice Cream Cone ride and or lunch at Northbrook Orchard Store. We will be doing the 50 mile ride of the Dog Daze. Leaving at 8:00 am from NB. Have your back up plan (BUP) in place in case you cannot make the entire ride or if you run into mechanical trouble. This ride goes out around Coatesville and close to Parksburg. Will get a map and cue up later in the week so check back.

September 7 Sunday, last day chance to do this ride, Schuylkill River Trail ride to include lunch in Manyunk, leaving at 7:30 am. This ride will be very social and easy, we will determine the length of the ride by who shows up. Meet at the Betzwood Bridge entrance to the trail (exit off Rt 422 west at Trooper and go left off of exit, follow road to the parking lot, you can see the river too). We will either go only to Manyunk or go the entire route around the Art Museum but again, this will be determined by the group that shows up.

THIS will be the last SRT ride, all through September and October there are events on Saturday and Sunday on the West River Drives so they will be closed to bikers. Manyunk will also be crowded. So please come, your last time for one fine ride, the views of the city are spectacular when biking on W River Drive. Boat House Row is soooo pretty.



Now Ellen and I did the SRT this morning. We left at 7:30 am and were back by 11:30 and we did 55 miles at 14.9 mph, we were racing to beat the storms which got bad. We biked about 3 miles in a light rain but got poured on once we got into our car. Rt 202 was a nightmare driving home.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rides for week of Aug 11

Tuesday Aug 12 - evening at 5:30 from Hot Foot

20 miles, easy and fun

Thursday morning, 930, meet at Shaws Bridge Park, 26 miles

Saturday 8:40 am Hot Foot, same ride as the Shaws Bridge ride on Thursday except we start in the WC boro, about 32 miles

Sunday, Covered Bridge ride, I am doing the 62 mile ride. There are other options as well.

Personal Best


Today I did the 50 mile ride with Dog Daze. I did this ride at my personal best time, 12.7 overall and we climbed some hills. I have done nothing spectacular this summer EXCEPT to bike.

I have biked slow rides and I have biked fast rides, but the main point is that I am biking.

I am not young nor thin nor anything different from you all. What differs me from you if you are not biking is the sheer fact that I am biking.

I noticed on the 50 mile that there were few women. Lots of men out there. No wonder they get good, they bike.

Ellen and I are doing the Schuylkill River Trail tomorrow, leaving at 7:30, from Oaks. This is a large parking lot so we should be easy to spot.

We will go all the way around the Art Museum and back. Come have some fun.

Rides for next week will be up later. Check back.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dog Daze and Sunday's ride


Leading a C pace group at Dog Daze, I am doing the 50 mile course and leaving around 7:30 am or so

Look for me near the sign up table, the course is hilly, I will be taking my time.

Come on out and try the ride.

Also Sunday's SRT ride is in question. If interested in this ride, email me at

Not sure I will have the energy after doing the 50 mile ride tomorrow but if enough people want to go, I would be willing to try it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dog Daze Ride


I am NOT biking to this ride, unfortunately, rt 842 has been tar and chipped from Shaws Bridge to Rt 82.

I am still doing the ride but I will be driving to the event. I plan on riding the 50 mile course, hills and all.

Please plan on riding in Dog Daze and doing one of the scheduled rides - 26, 50 or 100 miles.

Wednesday morning ride still on

weather is supposed to clear, I am still heading to Northbrook store for the bike ride, we can always wait till it dries out, but i think it is going to be fine, according to radar, nothing is coming once this gets through

post to me if questions

Monday, August 4, 2008

Covered Bridge Metric

Covered Bridge Metric August 17

Anyone want to do this with me???

I can take one lady with me in my car.
Post to me

Come and enjoy, with us, the Lancaster Bicycle Club's 30th annual Covered Bridge Metric Century, on Sunday August 17, 2008. These 100, 50 and 25 kilometer (62, 31 & 15 mile) rides wind their way through some of Pennsylvania's most famous rural scenery, including six covered bridges. The terrain is rolling with a few hills on the 100K ride and flat to moderately rolling on the 50K & 25K rides. The rewards are stunning vistas of the richest farmland in America.

The proceeds from this ride fund the Lancaster Bicycle Club's grants program. Since 2000, the Lancaster Bicycle Club has provided in excess of $120,000 in grant money in support of Lancaster County bicycle related requests.

Registration is $30 after July 18. Children 12 and under are free. The fee covers lunch, water stops, sag wagons, cue sheets, road markings, ice cream and a general good time. Additionally, a commemorative T-shirt can be purchased for $15 by July 18, 2008. Only a limited number of t-shirts will be available to purchase on the day of the event. Pre-order to ensure availability

Sunday, August 3, 2008

4 new chicks this weekend

Hey great news!!! Four new chicks this weekend joined me on rides. Megan, Carol, Nancy and Jane all rode with me this weekend and Ellen is back.

We did ride on Saturday but only a short ride out to Malvern and back as the sky was so threatening. Ellen and I did 55 miles on the SRT this Sunday morning and Carol and Nancy turned around in Manyunk.

For this week:

Wednesday morning, 9:30 am, meet at Northbrook Orchard Store on Rt 842, doing the 26 mile course of the Dog Daze

Saturday morning - 7:00 am at Hot Foot, I am biking to the Dog Daze ride and doing either the 26 or the 50 mile ride. Have not decided yet. ( can drive to the ride as well, lots of parking)

Registration starts at 7:30 at the Nature Center on Rt 842

Bring cash, no credit cards.

Dog Daze has tons of really good food for their rides.

Sunday morning -Leaving from Oaks Exit off of Rt 422, go right off the exit and look for large parking lot. We leave at 7:45 am SHARP, so get there early if you want to ride. Nothing is scheduled for W River Drive so we will circle the Art Museum. This ride will be somewhere around 55 miles.

SO get yourself off of your behind and do some riding. What do you have to lose?? What is the worst thing that can happen?? You get tired, GOOD!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shaws Bridge Park

at the instersection of rt 842 and S Creek when it veers off to the south, use the street view and click on the little man standing at the intersection of Rt 842 and S Creek, you can make the picture do a 360 degree spin and take a look at the intersection.