Saturday, March 21, 2009

eat like an Olympian

Super Oatmeal Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what Olympians eat for breakfast?

Wonder no longer as sports nutrition expert Bob Seebohar from the U.S. Olympic Training center demonstrates in this Olympic cooking video.

Super Oatmeal Ingredients include:

- Oats

- Whey Protein Powder

- Dark Cocoa

- Blueberries

- Raisins

- Ground Flax seed


frey maxim said...

I love raisins.

Libby Maxim said...

i love chocolate, tee hee

Elaine said...

Boyd eats all these ingredients regularly, but he has never combined them like this. I going to try it for breakfast tomorrow.

Libby Maxim said...

hey good news, post if it is any good

i thought it sounded like a nice power meal before a long ride