Sunday, March 8, 2009

Helmet, Eye Wear and Rear View Mirror

Get a good helmet, eyewear and a rear view mirror. Click here for information on the mirror.

Just because we are women and new to cycling DOES not mean we are not good cyclists. The goal of this group is to become a good cyclists. We had two young ladies last year come to a one of my evening rides. They are pictured above. They showed up on clunky hybrids with no water bottles and struggled. Next time they came, they both had good road bikes and gear. Third time they came they were already better than most of us. Why?? They started riding during the week on their own time.

These girls are now in tri-athlons and riding like the wind. They took to the hobby the right way. THEY BIKED often. No secret. You must ride to get better.

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