Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nov 7 Saturday morning ride

I am thinking of riding to a farm market called Triple Fresh, on rt 82 and Buck Run Road, total miles will be close to 40 miles, have not yet made the cue but will post it when finished. The market has a simple menu that is cheap and will not take as long as a sit down meal.

But it will be enough to enjoy a meal stop and not spend too much time doing it. The ride will be challenging. We will take our time and give everyone a chance to have a fun time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Go on a Happy Bike Ride and pick up your head, PLEASE, say HI

When I get passed by the elite "A" riders, all I see are heads down, speeding and zooming past the great outdoors. I mean why ride a bike if you have your head down and are mostly concerned about the speed of your ride. Might as well go to your health club or Y and ride a stationary bike.

If you do an outdoor sport, for pete's sake, look at the outdoors. I pass many riders who do not even lift their heads to say hi or to wave to another fellow rider. Again, I just do not get this. Why all the seriousness. You are on a bike, bikes were invented for a FUN way to travel.

To help make your next ride even more fun, order a squeezy bike bell, below are two samples from

Go on, buy a bell

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rides for late Fall

Saturday October 31, Ellen is leading the Chick ride, approx 30 miles. Meet at Hot Foot for an exit time of 8:30 am

I am having a yard sale Saturday morning so I will not be riding. Have been trying for several Saturdays to find one where it was not raining. Hopefully I will sell some junk.

If we have good weather for November 7 Saturday, Biker Chicks will have some type of special ride. So mark your calendars, probably have some kind of restaurant stop during the ride. Have not firmed up anything, suggestions welcomed. Probably bike around 30-35 miles. Some ideas are to have breakfast at Hank's Place or come back and eat lunch at Carlinos in the boro. If the weather was warm enough we could do the Whip Tavern ride again.

Check the blog or the West Chester Ride page for updates.

Water Aerobics: Low-Impact Exercise That's Easy on the Joints - myOptumHealth

Water Aerobics: Low-Impact Exercise That's Easy on the Joints - myOptumHealth

Now that the weather is more iffy and biking is not as regular, don't hesitate to try a water aerobics class. A full hour of constant moving against the water can result in one fine exercise class. Easy on joints and a nice change of pace. Top the whole thing off with a soak in the hot tub.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

suggestion for Fall bikewear

Now you can bike in cool and cold weather in clothing not made for biking, jackets, heavy sweatpants etc but trust me, none of these will keep you warm on a bike ride. And being cold on a cold day makes you HATE biking. It takes time to assemble winter gear, but if you do it slowly, in time you have a great winter bike outfit. You only need ONE. Go home and wash it and have it ready for the next ride.

First thing to think about is your head, you need some different stuff in the cool weather. I highly recommend a good head cover, something similar to a bathing cap only made out of the nylon stretchy material. Head bands for extra warmth on the ears are also a must. In really cold weather, a good balaclava is a nice thing to own as well.

Next thing to think about are your hands. Now I was in Sports Authority the other day and they sold gloves made by UnderArmour. I am going back and buying a pair. They are thin nylon and are made to be worn under your bike gloves. Now in cool weather your summer bike gloves and the Under Armour gloves would be fine. In cold weather, you will need winter biking gloves.

Next thing is your feet. Good thick winter bike socks are invaluable and good shoe covers. These two items can be found in most bike stores. I like the shoe covers made by Terry

Now for your body. Leg warmers and arm warmers are super to own. I have a pair of Gore Windstopper Arm warmers that are very good. Found mine at the end of the season at Performance Bike Store in Paoli. Got my leg warmers there as well.

One pair of long tights. I only buy pants from Terry Cycling but there are many many companies selling cycling bottoms.

One very good long sleeve undergarment. Patagonia makes some superb base layers. Buy ONE good piece and it will last many seasons.

Last but not least, a good jacket. I have ONE jacket, a Gore Windstopper. I shop the Net and find them on sale. Get bright yellow if you can. Cyclists are hard to see in the winter with the long shadows and lights. If you search places like Nashbar or Sierra Trading company, you can often find a Gore Windstopper at a great price. I just found one for my son for $79 which is a great price.

Leaf Peeping in Chester County

I know I sound like a broken record, but traveling far and wide to find good biking is just not necessary if you live in Chester County. Today my son and I did cue # 161, which takes the rider through some sensational countryside viewing.

This cue is moderately hilly and very doable for almost any skill level. There are many other cues on the West Chester Cycling Club page to choose from as well.

I know cyclists rave about cycling in Colorado or the California coast but for us lucky Pennsylvanians, we can easily get to Chester County and find some of the most incredible biking in the country.

What makes our county unique is the variety of biking. Flat, hills, big hills, quiet roads, busy roads, whatever floats your boat.

Many folks get reluctant to bike when it is not hot summer weather. With some good cool weather clothing, biking in the fall can be some of the best biking of the entire year.

Get some good undergarments and long tights, earmuffs and head covers, arm warmers and other similar stuff and you can bike very comfortably in most fall weather in our county.

But many folks live in Chester County and have no clue as to the great biking available right out their front doors.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

great ride today

5 of us did a 25 mile ride today around the county. Took off from Shaws Bridge Park, many asked for the cue. Cue #138 is the cue, I simply cut off the part of the cue for exiting and re-entering the boro. It was a fabulous ride with gorgeous weather and beautiful sites.

West Chester Cycling Club
138-Broad Run-ChestnutLn-Mortonville
Begin Chestnut/Darlington 33.5 Tot Miles
0.5 0.5 R,R Church, Union Sts.
0.9 0.4 L Brandywine St
1.0 0.1 R Price St
1.5 0.4 L,L Rt842,Sconnelltown Rd
2.5 1.1 L Birmingham Rd
2.7 0.2 R Marlin Dr
3.2 0.5 R Barn Hill Rd
3.4 0.3 Straight Carroll Hill Dr
3.7 0.3 L Blue Rock Rd
4.1 0.4 R St. Finegan Dr
4.4 0.4 R Creek Rd
5.1 0.7 L Rt842 Bridge Rd
6.0 0.9 R N. Wawaset Rd
6.8 0.9 L Camp Linden Rd
7.5 0.7 L Northbrook Rd
8.3 0.8 R Brandywine Drive
10.6 2.3 R Rt 162 Telegraph Rd
11.6 1.0 L Broad Run Rd
11.8 0.2 L Strasburg Rd
11.9 0.1 R Broad Run Rd
13.2 1.3 R Broad Run Rd
14.7 1.5 L Chestnut Lane
15.4 0.7 Straight Oaklyn Rd
16.6 1.2 L S. Caln Rd
17.7 1.1 Straight Mortonville Rd
18.5 0.8 Straight Laurel Rd
20.5 2.0 R Youngs Rd
20.6 0.1 R Harvey's Bridge
20.7 0.1 L Brandywine Crk Rd
21.8 1.1 L Powell
21.9 0.1 L Rt 162
24.0 2.1 R Brandywine Crk Rd
26.4 2.4 L Northbrook Rd
27.2 0.8 R Camp Linden Rd
27.4 0.2 R N. Wawaset Rd
28.8 1.4 L Rt 842
29.7 0.9 L Continue on Rt 842
32.3 2.6 R Price St
32.9 0.6 L New St
33.1 0.2 R Dean
33.2 0.1 L Darlington
33.5 0.3 R Prescott Alley

Friday, October 16, 2009

sunshine is coming

Biker Chick ride is coming, Wednesday October 21, 11:00 am

Meet at Shaws Bridge Park, map and directions on the blog page, right coulmn, click on My Maps.

25 miles, mostly flat, road bikes only. Slow pace, YOU MUST EMAIL ME if you are planning on coming. libby dot maxim at gmail dot com

Get that bike out, take the day off from work and come ride your bike.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

new biking buddy

my new biking buddy, Frey (free)

I have been out of town helping my 25 yo son move back home. We have spent about 3 solid weeks together, and are now traveling up I95 back to the Philadelphia area. Not sure many parents would want to spend this much time with a grown child who had been out of the house for the past 3 years. But circumstances have made this a reality.

I have been an "empty nester" for 3 years and have loved it. My son is single and has no obligation to anyone at this time which got me to thinking. Many parents have kids my son's age but most times these kids have boyfriends or girlfriends, or have married or moved in with their special person. But I have come to realize, the age from 25 - 30 is a great time to be with your child. They are not little kids, and have finally become full fledged adults. This stage is kinda unique for the child. He is old enough to be a good friend for his parent and old enough to be way past arguing and fighting.

Once your child pairs up, he or she is basically gone. When they come to visit, they have the spouse or bf or gf with them. So this makes the visit more of an obligation for the spouse or bf or gf.

Now what the heck does this have to do with biking. Well my son is cylist. We somehow got 2 bikes, size 67 cm and 5 wheels into his sedan when packing to move back. Needless to say, we had to mail all of my son's clothes etc home. Bikes took priority. Since he is tall, his bikes are custom. No way he was mailing them home.

So now I have a biking buddy. 20-40 miles for him is just a warm up but for me it is the entire ride. He said any time I want to bike, he will go with me. For the first time in my cyling career, I have a biking buddy. I have always envied ladies who had husbands who would bike with them, although I find many men will not bike with their wives, "too slow they say." But not my son, he said he does not care how slow I go, he can do his fast rides by himself. But he said he would never pass up a chance to bike with me.
So even though my empty nesting is ending, I have gained a biking buddy. I am getting a new custom Spectrum this winter, my son is already one one. Cannot wait to bike even more with my biking buddy.
So whenever life hands you something that you think might be bad, find something good in it. It is always there, just sometimes hard to see right away.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Southwest Airlines and Florida

Circumstances have brought me to Florida again. But I cannot complain, I love Florida, at least the part I am in, the Delray Beach area. Delray is an actual town with streets and houses and stores. So much of Florida is shopping malls and gated communities that is hard to get a feel for the neighborhoods as there are none but the artificial man made ones.

Delray has a lovely downtown and neighborhoods as well with many regular looking houses. There are many huge billion dollar homes and that can be somewhat depressing especially if you do not live in one!

The Intracoastal runs the entire length of Florida, a man made canal system apparently built during WWII. But as a result, you have a lovely waterway, much like a road only way better.

The skies this time of the year are pure pink and orange in the evening and clear blue skies during the day. Locals are complaining that it is still too hot as normally at this time of the year, temps drop to high 70s and low 80s and today it was 90. But compared to the rest of the country, if you are complaining, all i can say is "get a life".

Flights to Florida during the summer are very cheap, many northerners think of Florida as a winter retreat. But during summer and fall, few folks are hear so it is just great. NO crowds, no lines and empty beaches. What more can a person ask for.

Now to Southwest. Those of you who have never flown SWA, you should. Not only can you book online, you can check in 24 hrs in advance and you have first choice of your boarding place. Now if like me and you forget, does not matter, the flight is only 2 hrs.

Another great thing about SWA, you can change a flight with NO penalty. You can cancel a flight as well for no penalty. SWA simply stores the money and you can use it later.

And all of this is done online, never need to call the airlines. plus you can check bags for free or take them aboard. If you fly a lot, these things can make flying much more pleasant.

Cuz stuff happens and there are times when you book a flight and cannot make the trip. With SWA, no problem, just cancel and save the money into your saved funds account.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

making a cue sheet and Saturday's Ride

Making a map on My Bikely and generating a cue sheet and then getting the cue sheet into a .pdf format is no easy job. My Bikely lets you draw a map and hand make the cue sheet. I have made a NEW CUE, # 253 - Donut Ride. You can find this new cue on the WCCC cue sheet page.

Once the cue sheet gets generated (remember I made it, so i cannot guarantee I got all my lefts and rights accurate), you have to cut and paste it into a spreadsheet program and then download it as a .pdf.

YIKES, can anyone follow that?? My point being making a new cue sheet and map is NOT easy. So do not yell at me if it is not accurate. I do suggest that you go to this link and STUDY the map BEFORE heading out, especially if you do not know the area.

If you find an error, email me and let me know as I can fix it.

Saturday October 10 8:30 am Hot Foot. Cue # 253, this is the Donut Ride. We will stop at Northbrook Market Place for a donut and a bathroom break. Bring some cash. This ride will be a gentle ride, so calling all ladies and men. Do not hesitate to come ride.

KYW Newsradio 1060 Philadelphia - Among Big Cities, Philly Has the Most Bicycle Commuters

KYW Newsradio 1060 Philadelphia - Among Big Cities, Philly Has the Most Bicycle Commuters

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Monday, October 5, 2009

today's Daily Local News opinion article

Finish Line of the Marshalton Triathlon which benefits the West Bradford Fire Company

celebrating a great place to live, Chester County, this is the Daily Local News editor's opinion article in the Monday Oct 5 edition

"After a sweltering August and the typhoon that was September, October has burst upon us in a surprisingly glorious swirl of leaves and festivals, leaving us to wonder where the end of summer went.

This weekend's fresh autumn air provided some inspiration to stop, take a deep breath and appreciate our community.

Thousands of people attended events such as Chester County Day, the RotoFest and the Marshalton Triathlon. Our pages this weekend carried stories about the Burgesses, a couple who volunteer with Habitat for Humanity; an event where more than 200 people honored community leader Emma Valenteen; residents speaking about the difference made by the organization Good Neighbors, which repaired their homes; 100 quilts crafted by hand for troops overseas; and community members participating in efforts to treat and cure childhood cancer and multiple sclerosis.

True, there is also crime, some of it bizarre, and politics, some of it divisive. And some question the motives of even those who do good.

But on a weekend like this one, where, for instance, some might see tension on the corner of Gay Street and High Street in West Chester as groups of opposing political sentiment demonstrate, we look a little deeper and also see civic engagement.

We see generosity in the homeowners who deal with the stress of opening their homes to hundreds of strangers in an event that benefits a hospital. And we're grateful to those who dealt with the frustration of closed roads in order for an event that benefits a fire company to continue.

People of opposing opinions often butt heads, and it's sometimes difficult to remember that most of us have many fundamental values in common. We love our families and our friends, we value safety and prosperity, we want the opportunity to do meaningful work, and we often feel responsibility and gratitude to society.

Chester County is home to such a wide range of many talented, often opinionated people who feel strongly about the way things are done in their communities. This weekend was a serendipitous celebration of what we all care so much about."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life is good

Had a great ride today, calling it the donut ride as we stopped at Northbrook, also we rode right in between the Marshallton Triathlon, canoe, bike and run/walk so that was fun.

Cassandra summed up today with her Twitter post -

"Finished fun,easy 25mi bike ride w @libsM, perfect fall day,saw Marshallton triathalon en route. Watching NFL, life is good,

Indeed it is, Chester County in the fall, does it get any sweeter?? What a gorgeous day and a great ride.

Picture slide show is the Brunch Ride and today's Donut Ride

Saturday, October 3, 2009

chicks doing great things

These two smiling happy ladies once rode with the chicks, both are young and both stuck with the sport, now both do Triathlons and obviously look very happy.

J on the right started on a cheap used bike and now is making plans to buy her first good bike.

A on the left had a good bike right from the start, both ladies now bike a B+ pace and both are having fun.

Chicks is the one bike group that will help ladies achieve great things on the bike. We hate to lose ladies but at the same time, feel good that we can be a small part of helping chicks to do great things on the bike.

We have had 3 chicks do a Century ride which includes me. All three chicks who did the Century ride were past the age of 50. So who says when you get older that you have to stop doing tough activities?

Many of you reading this post are not riding with me. You are afraid to give it a try. Just want to let you know, every time I do a long ride I have apprehension. It is common. On the Bike Fresh Bike Local ride at about mile 18 I really thought I would not make it. Thanks to Elaine, I did.

So you have good company if you are afraid, most of us are at some time during a ride. But when you finish, you feel so good.

Do you want this same feeling, then join the Chicks for a great ride.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunday's Football widows' ride

this ride is set for 1 pm, Sunday October 3, nice 28 mile ride with a yummy rest stop, we will stop at Northbrook Orchards store for apple cider donuts or whatever is available to enjoy. Ice cream cones are also available as well as sandwiches.

a great ride and a great rest stop, nice easy ride, hoping to get some new riders out for this one, supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny, what could be more fun

and afterwards if you want to try changing a tire I will be happy to help you learn how.

from today's Daily Local Newspaper

Construction begins on Chester Valley Trail

Click to enlarge

EAST WHITELAND — Construction has begun on the long-awaited Chester Valley Trail, the hiking and biking recreational trail that will eventually connect central Chester County with Philadelphia.

Construction and engineering crews began work on the trail last week. Brush and trees are being cleared to make way for the replacement of a century-old culvert that must be replaced before the trail is paved.

On Wednesday, the three county commissioners met with construction managers for the project at a portion of the trail near the East Whiteland Municipal Building. They got a quick rundown of the work that was proceeding and a glimpse of what the trail will look like in the future.

"This is another step on the way to getting Chester County listed as the number one county in America," Chairman Terence Farrell said as he walked the trail south of Route 401. Part of the county's strategic plan for open space and recreation, the trail "helps create a wonderful environment that makes people want to live here. It's part of the charm of Chester County," Farrell said.

"Administration after administration (of commissioners) have committed themselves to following

through on the completion of this trail," Farrell said, standing on the bed of crushed stone as the sounds of chainsaws could be heard in the background. "It's great that we get to see this opening."

The Chester Valley Trail, which runs from Exton to the Tredyffrin border with Montgomery County, has been 13 years in the making, according to information provided by the county. It stretches 12.2 miles along the former rail bed of the Chester Valley Railroad, which long ago abandoned it.

The eventual cost of the project, which is expected to be completed sometime after 2010, is $19 million — the bulk of which will come from federal funds.

Getting the project started is a stunning achievement, said Commissioner Carol Aichele, who has championed it in her two terms in office.

"This has been many years in the making," she said Wednesday. "It is always so difficult to get a government project like this started, much more than people realize. I'm happy with this. Every now and then you win one."

The benefits of the trail would be widespread, she said. In addition to providing recreational opportunities, she said she expects that commuters will use it during fair weather to get to work. "It'll be faster to get from Exton to King of Prussia than driving your car on (Route) 202," she said semi-jokingly.

Over the years, the county has obtained the land necessary for the trail, designed it, held public workshops on the trail, and submitted it to the state Department of Transportation for review. The biggest hurdle was overcome earlier this year when PennDOT agreed to turn over title of the longest portion of the trail to the county at no cost.

Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, who said she had walked part of the trail earlier this summer, likened its creation, in its own small way, to the establishment of the U.S. National Park System.

"In addition to the obvious transportation and recreation issues (that the trail addresses), it's also an opportunity for people to connect with the outdoor world. It's very peaceful and almost spiritual in a way."

John DiFelice, the project manager for C. Abbonizio Inc., the site contractors from Sewell, N.J., explained that the first order of business in the project was to dig out an eight-foot-high stone culvert that was on the verge of collapse. The spot where the commissioners held their brief inspection was atop a 45-foot-high embankment underneath which a small creek runs through the culvert.

The county has already rehabilitated a number of such culverts along the trail, but DiFelice said that the one off Route 401 would have to be completely replaced. Another such culvert farther up the trail will also have to be replaced, and a pedestrian bridge must be built across nearby Church Road.

Will McBeth, of the engineering firm of McCormick Taylor, said that the overall complexity of the project is minimal, with the exception of replacing the culverts and the bridge. Both he and DiFelice said they expect the work on the first section of the trail to be finished in August 2010.

The first section runs from the Church Farm School on Swedesford Road in West Whiteland to where the rail bed crosses Route 29 in East Whiteland near the Route 202 interchange. About half of the 4.2-mile stretch is being constructed by the Whiteland Village senior housing development, in exchange for allowing a sanitary sewer line to run underneath the first two miles of the trial.

The second section runs through East Whiteland and Tredyffrin, past the Vanguard Industries corporate campus, and connects with the Montgomery County trail system that links with the Schuylkill River Trial that ends at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

The review process for that section has begun with PennDOT and is expected to take up the bulk of 2010. The $15 million cost of these eight miles will come from federal and county funds. This section will include a pedestrian underpass at Warner Road in Tredyffrin.

Aichele said that the commissioners had kept the project alive over the years despite the obstacles at the urging of a number of groups, most notably the Chester County Cycling Coalition.

Mary LaSota, head of the coalition, said her group was encouraged by the start of construction.

"It is going to provide a lot of opportunities for commuters and recreational cyclists," she said. "I know the cycling community as a whole has been waiting for this for a long time. We will be keeping an eye on the construction."

Trails are important to county residents for recreation purposes because of the lack of walkable sidewalks, Aichele said. "Roads where people used to walk are no longer safe because of the increase in traffic," Aichele said. "These trails are what people want." She said that over the years, the county had lagged behind other suburban counties in construction of walking and biking trails. "This is a step forward for Chester County."

Cozzone agreed. "This has been in the works a long time, but I think there has been a real desire to get it done," she said. "This trail, and all the other trails (in the county), are a real draw for people to move here.

"It's a good opportunity to take a walk on a Sunday afternoon with your family," she said.