Monday, March 9, 2009

Rubber Mallet Fest


Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, the men of WCCC meet at 5:30 pm for what they call the Hammer Fest. They are good riders and go out and just speed around the county on their bikes as fast as humanly possible. Why, I have no clue. Must be a guy thing.

Anyhhooooo, Biker Chicks will also meet for what I call the Rubber Mallet Fest, not quite a hammer but a good ride. These rides will work up to a good pace as the season wears on. I do not race around the county, but will do a decent pace around 12-14 mph average. Again, we will build to this. THESE rides will NOT start till after Easter. Check blog for ride updates.

First rides will be a slower pace until we ALL feel like we can go faster. Now once the weather hits 90 degrees +, pace will be a safe pace for the conditions.

Always bring 2 water bottles filled with good stuff.

These rides TAKE off at 5:30 not 5:45. Remember, it gets dark and we will be doing 20 miles.

But it is kinda funny, cuz we all meet up with the men at Hot Foot and we can watch them prance around like proud roosters with their slick bikes and no body fat bodies. It always makes me smile.

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