Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Biker Chick GOAL - JOIN ME

Let's get serious about fitness and make it more than just something we talk about or wish for. So here is our first goal.

I am calling it 10-20-50 by June 14.

So what is 10-20-50 by June 14. Simple, on June 14, one of the best local area rides takes place just a few mile away. It is called the French Creek Iron Tour. Click on link above for ride details. I would love to take a big bunch of ladies to this ride. This ride starts in Kimberton, just up rt 422.

What does the 10 stand for??

Let's trim 10 lbs by June 14.

What does the 20 stand for?

This is one of the choices for the miles you can do on this ride.

What does the 50 stand for??

This is one of the choices for the miles you can do on this ride.


I am going for the 10- 50 goal for this ride. How about you? Join me in helping to make Biker Chicks the premier cycling group in our area.

section and publicly make your commitment.

Now if you do not need to lose any weight, good for you, make cycling the 50 miles your goal.

But sign and make the commitment, no matter what your goal. Maybe you want to bike more. Whatever, sign and share your goal with the others.

Stretch yourself in other ways in cycling. Or add a weight lifting program to your exercise routine.

See you on June 14, ready to ride


Elaine said...

Hi Libby,

Count me in for 10-50.

Libby Maxim said...

NOW we're talking, come on ladies, get on board

let's be the best bike group in WCCC