Friday, March 20, 2009

wowee!!!, this should get you on your bike

Bachelor Tri-athlete to lead bike ride in PA. His group will be biking on the S ROUTE.
The S Route takes rt 23 across northern Chester County.

Andy-baldwin-athlete Perhaps the most well known triathlete and bachelor (Dr. Andy Baldwin) in the world will join his father (former state Rep. Roy Baldwin), to lead a charity ride across Pennsylvania in October to promote activity for children.

The younger and older Badwin's will ride to promote nrgBalance which hopes to reduce childhood obesity.

According to

"The “X-PA Healthy Lifestyle Bike Ride” is intended as an educational sweep across the southern part of the state, using the Pennsylvania ‘S Route.’ The Baldwins will advocate for the prevention of childhood obesity at health fairs at schools along the way.

Andy Baldwin garnered worldwide attention as the star of ABC’s The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman in 2007. A U.S. Navy doctor based in Hawaii, Lt. Baldwin bicycles regularly and races as a triathlete. His father, a recreational bicyclist, led bicycle rides through his Manheim Township district when he was in office.

The cross-state ride is scheduled to begin in Pittsburgh on Sunday, Oct. 4, and end Saturday, Oct. 10, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Baldwins will ride about 70 miles per day on the 425-mile route. Each day’s ride will end with a health fair at a school along the route. The health fairs will be held by school administrators and parents’ groups and coordinated by the Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity."

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Libby Maxim said...

this guy is a medical doctor too and lives in Hawaii, does it get any sweeter