Monday, March 23, 2009

YOU must carry food and drink for bike rides


Many ladies have a hard time eating and drinking on bike rides terrified of the calories. This is just plain stupid. YOU must carry good food and drinks while riding. We had a chick yesterday bonk on just a 10 mile ride. SO ride length is not the determining factor. Your calorie needs ARE.

Picture above is what my son carried on a 63 miles ride. The pic above does NOT include his beverages. In order to bike, you must eat and drink along the way. Dieting during a ride is again, just plain stupid.

You bike to have fun, not to lose weight. Things to carry on bike.

1. Gatorade or whatever beverage you like in your water bottles. Carry TWO bottles of a good drink.

2. Two to FOUR Power Bars or equivalent.

3. Stick some bananas in your jersey pockets and GET some bike bags for your bike. Highly recommend these.

I use this bag and like it as it has lots of room and attaches to the seat well. Easy to get it off, simply twist and the bag comes off while the bag holder stays in place.

I also use this bag. It is handy for your snacks, phone, camera and things you want to grab easily.


frey maxim said...

Yeah, good advice libs! You should always carry more food than you think you'll need. You can always put it back when you get home.

Shop the sales, too. I scored the powerbars at Walgreens on clearance for 50 cents each.

frey maxim said...

Also, don't mistakenly think that eatin on the bike leads to weight gain. Eating and drinking lets you bike further and harder, and that's what sheds the weight.

Finally, if you're gonna eat, take some water, cause it's not ideal to wash down powerbar with gatorade.