Friday, March 20, 2009

a watery adventure

I think the young chicks think to be exercising you must be killing yourself on land, dripping sweat and pumping iron. Those water classes they say are for the old folks. I won't get enough of a workout in water.

Only someone who has NEVER done a water class would state the above. Try taking two water weights and head to the deep end of the pool. Now do cross country skiing with those weights under water. DO that for 15 minutes and tell me if you are not sweating.

Water classes are very overlooked by the chicks and by men. Lucky for me, I joined one and now love them.

Do deep water jogging and save your knees. I go to 2 water classes per week. I wear these gloves below.

and I wear these shoes. I bought both at Swim Outlet and I get a first class workout.

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