Saturday, March 7, 2009

Notes from a ride and other stuff

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I did the April 4 ride today by myself. It is a very good beginner ride. But things I noticed are:

1. lots of gravel on the roads

2. can be some wet spots as well

3. cars are still whizzing by rather fast

Some suggestions for your first ride:

1. Get your water bottle and water cages ON your bike

2. Found a very good drink alternative to Gatorade, called Propel. I found the little powder packets in Giant. The drink is not as sweet but still gives you some good stuff.

3. Get a rear view mirror for your glasses. Scroll down the blog for the link.

3. Get a rear blinkie light for your bike NOW.

4. Wear bright colors if you have them.

ONE FINAL NOTE, ride post times reflect the time we TAKE off. If you need to inflate tires and change clothes, get to ride early. I will leave at posted times.

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