Monday, March 22, 2010

we're doomed

ABC is starting a series about a food revolution. Jamie Oliver, a British foodie, goes to Huntington WVA. This town was designated as the most unhealthy place in the USA. The residents are the fattest and most unhealthy in the country. Jamie travels to the town and tries to start the food revolution. He decides to start in the schools first. Keep in mind, any one reading this blog, your kids right now are getting the same food as the kids in Huntington. All of this processed food is being made expressly for school cafeterias. They ALL buy it. They ALL serve it.

But the real kicker in this show is how it unintentionally highlights in bright neon lights all that is wrong with public education today. Once a rule book gets written and in this case it is the USA government food experts writing the food rule book, there is no one one in any school district who would dare challenge it.

The food served to today's kids is nothing but processed food. Even the mashed potatoes are artificial. The menu is pizza, chicken nuggets and fat and salt and colored milk. The kids throw most of it away. Tons of food gets made, tons gets thrown out.

Much of this food is provided by government subsidies, this is YOUR MONEY. These are your children and grandchildren eating this hydrogenated fatty food.

Jamie goes on to visit a mother and her four overweight children. The mother is also overweight. What shocked me was the startling contrast between this mom's reaction to Jamie and the school's reaction to Jamie.

Mom is all set to throw out her bad food, and the kids are more than willing to eat the good food. The whole family is happy and jumps at the chance to fix their food and cooking. The kids want to exercise and the kids want to eat better, nary a contrary word is uttered by this overweight family. They readily admit they need help

Flash back to sour puss Alice, the school head cook, a million tons of dynamite would not get that woman to change her mind about her food. She is right. She does not care that the food is terrible. She does her job, never questioning whether it is good food or not. The rule book says make this today, and god forbid, Alice makes it.

Many who read this blog are proponents of biking and walking. Many support safe routes to schools, bike trails and places for exercise. Walkable cities, livable communities. This is all fine and good but it is not the solution to the overweight unhealthy culture we now live in.

The problem and solution lies in the food industry and what it is doing to us. Someone decided at some point that there was going to be a market for artificial eggs, potatoes and meat. And that that there was gonna be big money in it. Folks are making a ton of money selling "fake" food.

Kids cannot even recognize real food. The kids in Huntington could not even recognize tomatoes.
Mothers have been brainwashed to buy the fake food, advertising has done its job. Jamie is correct to start in the schools but the cooks and administrators in Huntington WVA are firmly stuck in the congealing fake potatoes and yes, if not poured quickly, the fake potatoes turn to cement.

My advice Jamie, go back to the moms, they are willing to learn, willing to change and willing to save their kids. I have never met a mom that did not want the best for her children and moms are willing to take help.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a stellar ride today

It was an overcast day here in Chester County but nonetheless, a great day for biking with little to no wind and temps in the 50s. I left around 9:30 am and there were few cars on the roads. I traveled over quiet, scenic roads.

First leg on the ride I spotted the illusive blue bird, my second sighting this spring. Coming home I was passing a well known horse farm in my area and saw one of the stable workers walking along the road. I stopped and asked when the foals were coming. Much to my surprise she said one was born already and was just 2 days old. She said turn around and see little Sophie. A 2 day old baby horse, running around its mother. Beyond cute and worth stopping to see.

This horse farms houses over 100 horses and expects 30 foals this spring. It is quite the sight. I often see cyclists out in pace lines or heads down as they race along the roads.

Sometimes slowing down to smell the roses is a good thing. Sometimes it is more than the miles and speed, sometimes it is just looking around and appreciating the fact that you are on a bike and not at work, and that you have the health to enjoy the activity.

sorry, no pics as I forgot my camera

Terry brings jersey for women wanting more room

For many female cyclists, biking is something they do once in a while or only in the summers. These ladies are often looking for bike clothing that is wearable off road when they stop to shop or eat at a rest stop.

Many female cyclists also like jerseys without elastic at the bottom.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 14 Bike Clinic and Ride Leader Meeting

March 14, Bike Clinic and Ride Leader Meeting, my house, email me for details

2:30 pm Bike Clinic, clean your bike, change a tire, get advice on how to maintain your bike and how to buy a bike, bring rags and chain lube

4:00 pm, Ride Leader Meeting and Idea Sharing, Event Planning,

Bring anyone you want, do not have to be a member of the WCCClub.

Learn what to carry when on a bike ride.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Chester County really is something for biking

I have managed to bike all 4 seasons in Chester County. All have their pluses. But I have to say, biking during the winter snow season has been a treat. We may not see this kind of snow again for some time.

Biking by snow banked creeks, frozen ponds and snow covered hills has been fun. Now as the snow starts to melt and the grass appears and ponds are habitable for the Canada geese, I await the spring flowers and GREEN trees. My son and I said that it will be nice to see some color other than brown and white.

We definitely have a "mud season" this year. The horse pastures are one huge mud pit. This must be tough on hoofs and make it hard to keep the barns clean. The baby foals are right around the corner though.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

spring is sprunging this weekend

Get out your bikes and get off of your backsides and join Ellen and Nancy and I for a 20 mile ride on Saturday. Leaving around 10:30 am, email me for details.

I have been biking all winter so I am pumped to be able to bike without shoe covers and balaclavas and 2 pairs of gloves.

The Icicle Metric is March 27, my son and I and Eileen and Ron are planning on riding providing it does not rain. This is an inexpensive ride, so I will be registering that morning. Ride starts at U of Delaware. Sponsored rides are fun. Food and rest stops make it enjoyable. SO come on out.

My custom bike is being built, not sure when I will have it as my builder is very popular and has a long line of bikes needing to be painted and built up.

This is the no excuse season, join me in my goal to REACH 5000 MILES for 2010.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have always said, "put two men in a cycling group and you have a race, guaranteed!"

I have heard from some folks who think I am nuts to make way for cars on the road. Bikes have rights, bikes can be 2 abreast, bikes are just like cars. Make the cars have to take the oncoming lane to pass you.

Well from what I see, most car drivers are terrible. Running lights and stop signs, tailing too close and pretty much driving as if they are road kings and others had better move to the side.

When I see this same attitude with cyclists, I realize we have not evolved very far.

As a cyclist, if you did one kind thing on each of your bike rides, I am sure this would go a long way in changing the attitudes of the irate drivers. Pull over one time and flag a long line of cars ahead. Stop completely at stop signs and red lights. Ride single file at all times. There should never be a time when you bike 2 or more abreast. I bike with my son most times, and we never ride 2 abreast, EVER.

Appreciate how hard it is to pass a long line of cyclists riding a pace line. My son lived in Florida and biked the AIA. He said he had to stop biking with the groups as the groups became just too dangerous. We both now either bike solo or with each other. Below is a video of a large bike group in FL on the AIA, the group is called Z Motion, watch the video and try to guess what made that lady so angry. Caution, the video contains foul language.

I may be prejudiced when I talk about cyclists, but it appears to me that most of the dangerous biking takes place when large groups of men who ride in the A level groups, go out together, they take risks that they might not take if riding alone.

I have always said, "put two men in a group and you have a race, guaranteed!"

I do believe large group riding has become a problem for the cyclists and the cars. I believe we need to rethink this activity. I am not so sure it is a safe venture for clubs to promote. Small groups are OK providing the group remains aware of how they are impacting the safety of the cars. What do you think??

REMEMBER VIDEO contains foul language. Hit your mute button if offended.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Watching Oprah today and her NO CELL PHONE ZONE for cars is one pledge that everyone should take.

There is no reason on the planet why you must talk on a phone while driving a 4000 lb machine. Jerry Seinfeld was Oprah's guest. He said something so true. If the phone rings, it cannot be important because the are calling YOU!

As I have said many times, unless God is calling, no one and I repeat no one is worth risking your life, your kids' lives and possibly my life when I am biking.

You cannot talk on the phone and expect to be driving well. You are kidding yourself if you think you can drive and talk on a phone.

Hands free is a joke as well. NO CELL PHONES period in your call. Next time you reach for that phone, think of all the children and adults who have been killed by people JUST LIKE YOU!

436 miles as of March 1

With the record breaking snow this February, I did not get out as much as I wanted. I have managed to bike Jan 1 Feb 1 and March 1. My son is around 1400 miles already, so the snow did not slow him down.

Biking with snow cover is really quite beautiful especially by the numerous creeks we have here in Chester County. Today as I was coming home on rt 162 approaching Embreeville Soccer fields I spotted a blue bird. SOOOOO pretty and so nice. Yes, Spring is right around the corner. The cacophony of chirping birds was something to hear today.

The horses are venturing out and soon the Ketchup and Mustard Farm will have its foals. Last year the foals numbered in the 20s.

I am going for 1000 miles by the end of March. Any time you want to bike, pop me an email and join me.