Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunday Fun

Great great ride up for Sunday, so far the weather is looking good for Sunday, 50s and sunny. Two options, 13 miles or 24 miles, whatever you want. Post on the comment section if you are coming! Let's see lots of chicks out for a nice ride. Eileen has planned a great ride, meet at CheyneyU at 1:30 pm. Cheyney is about 1 mile south of rt 926 on Westtown Road. Not hard to find it.


Ellen Z said...

I'm a bit confused. the calendar says looking for a ride leader.

it also says meet at my house or at cheyney.

so what's the story?? Is my house your house Libby?

Libby Maxim said...

Eileen Fresta has stepped forward to lead the ride, my house is always my house, two ride options, 24 miles of 13 depending on where you take off from


Julia L said...

If I'm a complete newbie, does it matter which distance I should do?

Libby Maxim said...


i recommend the 13 mile ride if yur a complete newbie, the ride out from the boro is a little hilly and on a winding narrow road,

so do the 13 mile ride and go from there