Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bike Riding Information


We had a fabulous ride today. Lots of new faces, hope they come back and keep riding. Only way to improve is TO RIDE. During the week, take short frequent rides at least 2-3 times. Each short ride helps to improve your longer ride.

Actually one long per week is about all you should do. During the week, shorter rides are a good way to help yourself get better. Too many longs rides does not necessarily contribute to being a good rider. On the short rides you can vary your intensity and what not.

BIKE CLINIC - click on clinic icon to the right of this column for details. If you are coming EMAIL me and let me know. NEWBIES to riding are to come at 2:30 instead of 3 pm. That way we can go over some stuff that some of the veteran riders already know.

What you need to know about biking. Read these previous posts linked at the end of this post. It is all there for you.

Get TWO bike water bottles and the necessary cages if you want to ride with the Chicks. One water bottle is not enough. Fill the bottle with Gatorade or Propel, not just plain water.CARRY a snack. Any thing will do, even a candy bar. You do not have to spend money on snacks. Get some cheapo breakfast bars and carry 2x what you think you will need.

I am strict about equipment as when you ride with me I am responsible for you. Having the right equipment makes the ride more fun. I have published many posts on equipment that you need when biking on the road.

Necessary Bike Gear

Where to Buy Bike Stuff

Two Bike Bags I use

Bike shoes and Cleats

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