Saturday, February 21, 2009

shoes and cleats and bike chains

Before the biking season starts, CHECK your shoes and cleats, tighten all screws and look at the cleat. If worn and in bad shape BUY NEW ones, cleats should be changed, they do not last forever.

If you get new cleats, save the old screws and put them into you bike bag, they may come in handy some day when a loose screw falls out during riding.

the Speeplay pedal, this option is a good pedal but it is a little pricey. If you buy Speedplay pedals do not buy the top of the line unless you plan on riding in the Tour de France with Lance. But you MUST get the Speedplay cleats and covers as the cleats for Speedplay cannot be walked upon as the mountain bike cleats can.

the KEO pedal- a good choice, this is the pedal i use, again there are different levels of perfection with these pedals, I do suggest buying a high level KEO pedal as you get the most float out of the upper price pedals and your knees will thank you.

BIKE chain, this is something that should be changed, i suggest each season to get a new chain, it is not expensive and worth the price of changing it. Get a good chain and keep it lubed during the season.

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