Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ride up for Saturday morning March 28

Meet at 930 am at Hot Foot Lot, WEATHER DEPENDENT check blog Saturday morning after 8am.

This ride is open to anyone who wants to ride, newbie or oldie, does not matter to me. We will do 14 miles or more depending on the group.

BUT, you cannot ride unless you come with 2 water bottles filled with water or gatorade and some snacks. YOU do not need Power bars, any sugary substance works, cheap breakfast bars are fine, but bring food.

Bring 2x what you think you will need.

Wear a helmet and have a spare tube for your bike. I have a pump and CO2 for inflation. Be there by 9:20 am if you need to get bike off of car etc. We leave at 930 am sharp. DO not come flying into the parking at 9:29 and make everyone wait for you.

Go buy a bike bag as well to carry your stuff. If you do not want to buy a bike bag and have pockets that works as well.

BUT you must come prepared and be on time. If you want to ride fast, join another group, this ride is open to all and requires patience if you are a fast rider. ALL are welcome, any level. This is an opportunity to help other ladies get into cycling.

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