Sunday, April 27, 2014

Biking is dangerous, DON'T forget it for a second on the road!!

I pass cyclists all the time, some with helmets, some not, some yakking to the person next to them, some going way too fast down a hill, most if not all believing accidents happen to the other guy. Well that is simply not true.

A friend of mine who has been biking in all environments for over 40 years got hit by a car. He got brushed across the front and he went over his handlebars and ended up with cracked ribs and much bruising. His helmet saved his head. He did not see the car, it came from around a corner and plowed into him. The driver never saw him.

So shit happens!!! and it can happen to the most skilled cyclist. I see large groups racing around roads not meant for pace lines or speeding bikes, yet they continue this reckless behavior saying, hey we know what we are doing, we are not beginners.

Well so was my friend, but accidents happen. You must be 100% alert on the road. If for one second you forget you are on a road with 2 ton cars and trucks whizzing by you, then stop biking.

I avoid group riding now, I need to concentrate 100% of the time on the road. Drivers are crazy, cellphone and texting have changed our safety on the roads. For those of you riding at ridiculous speeds in pace lines double across, keep in mind, your biking puts us all in danger as drivers see you taking over the road and their  hatred spills over to me, an old lady biking slowly, alone and way over. If I have a car stuck behind me, I do not hesitate to pull over, better safe than sorry.

Most A level riders think I am a fool. We are safe and smart they all say. Just remember, everything YOU DO affects all the other cyclists out there. Your behavior impacts me.

I want to recommend all cyclists consider getting top flight bike lights and not the cheap blinkie lights.
You want 300-400 lumens and you want to be seen.

Here is a video of my lights and next time you are out on the road, biking across the yellow line, in pace lines 10-20 riders long, remember what you do on the road impacts the rest of us. Keep that in mind. PLEASE!!!! my bike lights