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why we seldom meet our goals

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Person or Ape?

March 4, 2009 |


I wonder if we are people capable of thinking and making decisions based on information, or if we really are monkeys, or lesser animals that “react” to instinct and don’t think and don’t evaluate based in anything.

Why the deep thought into our being? Simple…I deal with people every day that want to lose weight, have a better body and swear that they would do anything to achieve this. You have probably heard the same from people or maybe you have said it yourself from time to time. These people, although having good intentions, do not follow through with their promises or do not do “anything” to achieve their goals. Bottom line, they fail.

Go to a party, see a desert, or some other kind of food that they “must” have, they lose all control and they grub out. This scenario happens repeatedly, but why? Are we really monkeys or animals that have no self-control. Put any kind of food in front of your dog and chances are they will eat it. Not because they love what you put in front of them, rather it is because their instincts kick in and they cannot control the urge to just eat.

It frightens me how many people are the SAME EXACT WAY. Put a pizza in front of a bunch of people that are trying to lose weight, and even through they KNOW they should not have any, some, or maybe even all of them will eat the pizza. Why? They will come up with almost every reason or excuse in the world, but it all boils down to the fact that they lose control, they have none. Or do they? Again, monkeys or people? People, as far as I know have the capability to make rational decisions. Is that 4 minutes of satisfaction that much more powerful than your goals? I guess to many it is.

I have heard people most of my life say to me, “Keith, I don’t understand how you do it, how do you go through life so disciplined? How can you go to a party and NOT eat pizza, and all of the other great stuff?”………… Huh? How? Are you serious? BECAUSE I AM A HUMAN BEING, WITH A CEREBRAL CORTEX, THAT’S HOW. I have the ability to make a decision. I have the ability to say no. I have the ability to realize that although that pizza will probably taste pretty darn good, those 3 minutes of pleasure is not as important as my goals. Apes and most other animals will eat because there is food in front of them. Its instinct, they really cannot control it. People however, do have the ability to control their urges, but somehow cannot say no to a slice of pizza or a handful of M –n- M’s. It baffles me.

Person or Ape? I really don’t know sometimes. Have I ever been that Ape, that animal that just loses control and eats whatever to satisfy a quick need, while ignoring all of my goals? Sure I have, we all have. I am not innocent of being that Ape, but I am human enough to know it and human enough to learn from it and finally smart enough to take measures to combat those “weak” moments, when my brain becomes numb and my instincts to just lose control kick in. 90% of the time I THINK. And during those moments I choose the right path for me and that usually coincides with my goals.

So what are you, Person or Ape? That is for you to decide. The next time that “urge” to pig out, or eat that bowl of ice cream comes up, ask yourself that question. Person or Ape? Human or Dog? Ask yourself, WWMDD (What would my Dog Do?) Chances are your dog would go at it and just eat. Are you that dog?

Time to smarten up and be who you are. Person or Ape?

This article was written by Keith Scott. Keith Scott M.S., A.T.C., C.S.C.S. is the Official Trainer of the Naked Nutrition Network. He has 17 years of experience as a trainer and specializes in the areas of fat loss, injury prevention, post surgical/injury rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning. Keith is also a regular contributor to Men's Fitness Magazine.

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