Saturday, May 30, 2009

cool bag

Last week I was biking with Mary Pat and she had a nifty bike bag, a Trek Handlebar bag (as pictured above) I bought one and put it on my bike. I wanted something a little bigger for when I do area sponsored rides where I often need warm clothing to start but need to shed it later. Plus I like to carry my own snacks, last year in the Seagull Century, they ran out of food towards the end of the ride.

The bag is very light weight, I took off my other bags, so weight wise, I am about the same. Plus I can get all my supplies in with ease.

I got this bag at Bike Line, they ordered it and had it for me in a few days. Will let you know how it aids my rides.

Off to the Chester County Challenge tomorrow. Katherine and Mike and Connie are coming. Hope we see more.

Friday, May 29, 2009

quick UPDATE

Talked to the guys in Bike Line who have biked both the CCC ride and the French Creek Tour ride, they said the CCC ride is easier. Now i did the French Creek last year and it was not bad, so if some of you are home sitting on the fence........

GET off the fence and come join me, we have all day to do 50 miles, providing you do not have crying babies at home which lucky for me I do not,

WCCC is trying for a record turnout, so come out, if you are a club member, you can register for just $20, it goes to a cancer hospice, so all good stuff

bike chain repair

I just got back from a lesson from Vik on how to use a chain tool and how to repair a chain on the road. It is not that hard but it does require some things to carry,plus Vik reviewed with me how to stabilize a broken cable making it able to get someone home.

1. Chain tool, which I am now looking for as many are worthless

2. A universal quick release chain link by SRAM, I have one for my chain but you have to go into a store such as Bike Line and tell them how many cogs are on your back gear set, i.e. what speed your bike is? 10 speed, 12 speed, 18 speed etc, in pic above, on your bike, COUNT how many chain rings you have in back

and then go to bike store and tell them and they will tell you which sram link to buy

with this link and my chain tool, we should be able to fix a broken chain on the road without help, HOPEFULLY

Vik gave me some spare chain to practice on, but the KEY is getting a decent tool.

still looking for chicks for this Sunday

2008 WCCC pic for the CCC ride

Chester County Challenge is this Sunday, you can do 25 or 50 miles. You can park here at my house and we can bike up to the ride. I am planning on doing 50 miles, albeit slowly. The course is hilly so I do not plan on doing this ride fast. My goal is to just finish.

Weather is supposed to be spectacular for Sunday. Come on out and enjoy beautiful chester county.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Libby's Excellent Adventure

Believe it or not I have signed up for this event, meeting my son Frey in Boone NC for a great ride. I am doing the 50 miles, 5800 feet of climbing(yes i am certifiable) and my son is doing the 100 miles. I think he climbs right up to heaven!!

Wish me luck. Libby

Blood Sweat and Gears Logo The 11th Annual Blood Sweat and Gears
Saturday, June 27, 2009
Start Time 7:30am at the Valle Crucis School
Awesome 2009 BSG Jerseys - register and order yours early!

Under the Blue Ridge Parkway, photo by Lonnie Webster The BSG is a challenging to strenuous full English century - 100 mile loop ride starting and ending at the Valle Crucis Elementary School, approximately 5 miles south of Boone, North Carolina. The route roughly circles Boone through the outskirts of Watauga County, the heart of North Carolina's High Country. The terrain is constantly changing with hills of all lengths and curves too numerous to count. The cumulative climbing elevation is 13,000+ feet, with the climb up to the gap at Snake Mountain, milepoint 63, reaching an 18-20% grade near the top. Read our Director's Message for 2009.

Photo by Lonnie Webster.

"It's a great area for riding, very hilly, but I'd say it's the best area for training in the whole of the United States." –– Lance Armstrong on Boone, NC Cycle Sport (June 1998)

Photo by Fred Germann of High Country Media. Click for a large version. BSG offers a demanding route, which showcases the mountain communities of Watauga County, North Carolina; highlights of the route include a 21 mile section of the Blue Ridge Parkway, a strenuous climb over the 4,500 foot gap at Snake Mountain, and a 10 mile "flat" on old US 421.

A 50 mile "Half Century" is available for those who prefer the sanity of a challenging, but shorter route. Both rides are fully supported with aide stations and SAG support.

Proceeds from the ride will benefit the Jeremy Dale Fisher Fund and The Russell Fund, established by the Watauga County Chapter of the American Red Cross , which provides assistance to local families that are displaced by fire, flood or similar disasters.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday eve ride May 28

I will be here for Thursday eve, so moving the NEWBIE ride, 15-20 miles

Hot Foot at 530 pm

if the weather improves by then, all welcome even oldies, if no newbies show, we will do a regular chick ride

hope to see some folks

Monday, May 25, 2009

Chester County Challenge Bike Ride

Any chicks who are interested in doing this ride, you can park at my house and use my bathroom and what not and then we can bike up to the ride.

Come on out and try the 50 mile ride, I am , although I will have my back up plan in operation in case I hit the wall on some big hill.

Otherwise I am giving it all I got.

Please come join me, register on the CCC site , lets get a bunch of chicks out for this thing.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rides for week of May 24

Tuesday eve 5:15 NEWBIE ride, yes that means all of you ladies sitting at home not riding, come ride on some roads and stop making excuses, 15 miles, bring 2 water bottles, meet at HotFoot

Thursday eve 530- looking for a ride leader for this ride??? I may be out of town,

NO SATURDAY ride, at least being lead by me, if anyone wants to lead this ride, email me.

Otherwise I am doing the CCC ride Sunday morn and I am doing the 50 mile course. It is hilly and hard, oh well, onward and upward!!!

Sunday May 31 Chester County Challenge, meet at 7:15 am, group picture at 730

come on out and ride, now if the weather goes bad, of course I am not riding, but since this ride takes off about a block from my house, I am doing it.

Who wants to take the 50 mile challenge, come climb some awful hills and collapse with me at the end???? You can also do just the 25, it also has a big climb, up S Wawaset Rd but after that, not too bad.

Look, you can always dismount and walk a hill, no shame in that. You often see walkers on hills on these area sponsored rides.

Will get registration details up shortly, not sure if the WCCC has a special page or not. Check back later tonight.

notes from Hill Hell Week

Well chickies, I am officially dead today, climbed so many hills this week that I hit the wall on today's ride which also proved hilly.

I was just about pushing my bike and would of accepted a ride with the most spooky character had I been offered a ride. I would have gladly climbed into a stranger's car. He could have had a mask on and I would of gotten in.

Nonetheless we all made it home. We did manage to have a broken chain on Charlene's new bike. We looked back and there was Charlene standing with her chain in her hand. She moved up to us and I looked at her chain and saw that the quick release link had come undone. So I am thinking, oh joy, just get the chain back on and we are set. Well there we are, 4 chicks staring at the derailleur and the chain. Lo and behold, a nice gentleman stops, (he was also on a Spectrum bike as I am) and he helped weave the chain through the derailleur and we snapped the link closed and off we went.

We soon discovered that I had made a mistake in the chain placement in the front derailleur but we chicks managed to quickly fix that ourselves and get Charlene back on the road.

Video below shows the two types of quick release links bike chains have. Type 2 is what I have and Charlene had as well. I know one thing now, I HAVE to learn how to repair a chain on the road. Watch both videos below. I am buying a chain tool and getting a spare quick release link as well. Gonna email Vik and Frank and get some advice.

Friday, May 22, 2009



depart Hot Foot at 515 pm sharp

if any newbies show up, will do between 15-20, easy ride

if no newbies show up, will run a regular Biker Chick ride, but ride will not be more than 20 miles, just around Immaculata College and Malvern

BRING 2 bottles of Gatorade or some such on your bike, ONE is not enough

if a newbie, send me a Tweet on Twitter, LibsM

please volunteer, put Biker Chicks for the organization box, thanks

COME ON CHICKS, trying to man the corner of W Market and S Walnut, we need at least 8 ladies

make sure to indicate Biker Chicks on the volunteer form for the box marked ORGANIZATION

if you do nothing else this year, DO THIS, it is lots of fun

Hello Volunteers and Potential Volunteers
We need you to volunteer if you haven't done so already. Attached is a list of people that have volunteered so far. There is only about 1/3 of what we need to make it a successful event.
The 5th Annual Criterium will take place on Saturday, July 11, 2009. This great community and sports event would not be possible without you.
"On Saturday July 11th, the downtown streets of West Chester will be humming with excitement as a hundred professional and USCF licensed cyclists race 60 laps around a 1 mile circuit. At speeds of 35 mph, racers will jockey for position while navigating narrow streets and tight corners. All the action begins at the intersection of Gay and High Streets, the home of title sponsor Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant."
The 2009 Iron Hill Twilight Criterium will take place in West Chester on Saturday, July 11, 2009. For the second year in a row the IHTC will be part of a 10 race point series called USACrits which makes us part of a National race series instead of just being a local race. You can see more information on the USACrits series by going to The benefits of this is that we will be promoted nationally and we should get a higher level of pro rider participation. As you will see on the usacrits webpage some of the other cities in the series include Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC, Athens, GA, Washington DC, Binghamton, NY, Dallas, TX and New York City with the finals to be in Las Vegas, NV on September 24th.
If you were a volunteer for any of the previous IHTC and have a preference for the task that you performed please indicate in the comments area of the on-line form and I will try to take that into consideration when I make the assignments. Also, if you were a Block Captain-Road Marshal and would like to work with your own "crew" please have them indicate so when they fill out the volunteer form. I will try to accommodate volunteers on a first signed up-first served basis. Also, if you are a member of another bike club, ski club or similar organization and would like your group to "own" a corner for the entire event please indicate in the comments area and I will try to accommodate your group.
You are more than welcome to ask friends, family, neighbors etc to volunteer with you. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
Iron Hill Twilight Criterium Volunteer Training will take place at the West Chester Borough Hall on Friday, June 26, 2009 in the Borough Council Chambers from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. It is not mandatory but I would encourage all to come participate and share ideas. I will try to have assignments finalized by then.
This is a great way to contribute to a community event, participate in an inter-club activity and promote cycling in Chester County.
Thank you in advance for your participation.
The Iron Hill Twilight Criterium web page is:

chicks climb hills this week

the chicks did some serious hill climbling this week, Tuesday took us up Cannery, a long long climb and last night we did at least 6 different hills

eileen, ron, cassandra and connie and libby really took it to the road this week

we did not have to de-bike on any hill and are getting pumped for the French Creek Iron Tour on June 14

wish some more ladies would hit the streets, once every 2 or 3 weeks will not get you ready to ride more difficult terrain

Sat's ride is 30 miles with a few hills as well, come on out

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

cue for 5/21 Thursday eve ride

#235, go to the WCCC ride page and look it over. I will print up the cue and bring some for the ride.

This is a new cue I made, have not ridden it but it looks fairly easy. Should be a good ride.

rides for thurs and sat, May 21 and May 23

thursday evening will be at 530 pm, 20 miles

Saturday ride will be cue #140,30 miles

Saturday's ride will take off at 8:00 am and hopefully if enough folks show up, i will keep this earlier time for a while

will see what saturday brings

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

just a quick post

hey ladies, we went on a ride tonight that was the most unbelievable ride i have ever done, all riders agreed the cue was beyond beeeaaaaauuuutiful,

Cannery Rd proved to be fine, we all made it up biking the whole way. We had some incredible downhills as well,

a fine, fine ride, will do this cue again, # 232

Sunday, May 17, 2009

calling all chicks

Tuesday Eve ride, 5:00pm at Hot Foot, 25 miles cue #232

a grand adventure, brand new cue, some hills, we may have to walk some, does not matter, when I told some guy riders that Chicks were doing Cannery Rd, the guys all said, chicks cannot do it, yeah, who says

so let's prove em all wrong, this cue is very nice and very scenic, S. Wawaset is a real adventure, downhill, uphill and past the Chester County Prison

who is brave?? who is willing to try something new???

let's go chicks, join me for a great great ride, hope to see lots of you, I am getting tired of biking mostly with MEN, yes men, that is all that shows for the Chick rides

whatts up with that???

Bring lots of snacks and beverages, 2 bottles, several snacks, especially if coming right from work, pack some goodies

Saturday, May 16, 2009

another twitter chick added


sandra is a biker chick, so to follow her, find SandsK and click to follow


tuesday is supposed to be a winner weather wise

For those planning on riding this Tuesday night, I will bring the cue as I have not yet decided on the route, I will bring several and based on group, make the decision as to which cue we are doing,

Tweet me if you are coming, so I have an idea of who is coming.

Also, WE LEAVE at posted times, I do not wait nor will I take phone calls while I am riding. If you are late, I cannot help you. I will not try to meet you at another spot. Today I was flying down a hill and my phone rings. A late chick. I cannot answer when biking and I cannot tell you where to meet us as there are lots of folks in the group who DO NOT want to wait for a late comer.

It is not fair to those on time to have to wait for a late comer. SO get there on time.

Tuesday ride is 500pm, thursday is 530

take your pick and come on out

twitter information

these are some of the folks following me, i have no idea who jayne mason is nor mydeloo78 and the name at the bottom, again, do not know if it is a chick or not but the rest are CHICKS

you must sign up to follow them and have them as followers on your page as well

twitter is a NETWORK and to get everyone's tweets you need to follow folks and be followed in return, so if a chick clicks to follow you, follow her back

then to set up TweetParty, log in and click sync followers, then make a group with these chicks

if anyone else SIGNS up to Twitter, let us know yur twitter name so we can all follow, now Judy has her name blocked so yu have to sign up to follow her and wait for a return

Sandra, i do not think we can use your tweetparty account, each one has to make their own groups on tweet party

AT LEAST THIS IS WHAT I THINK!!!!!!!! happens???!!!, it is anybody's guess

libby LibsM

Jayne Mason jayne_ma / Jayne Mason

mydeloo78 mydeloo78

tweetparty tweetparty
You are following tweetparty
Device updates:

Laura Catalano laurac802 / Laura Catalano
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Friday, May 15, 2009

riding with the chicks

I have added only TWO new cues, cuz the cues I made had some errors. Connie and I did the 233 cue today and it was nice. Too busy for the weeknights but nice on other times.

I also made 232, uses Cannery Road, I have no clue as to whether it is hilly or not. We are going to do this cue next Tuesday evening. Ride is starting at 5:00 pm, this is a change.

We will take our time since we have the additional half hour and explore this new cue. PRINT CUE and bring it PLEASE.

I will not be giving turn by turn directions, bring cue and learn how to use it.

suggest you print and then cut it up and make it into one page, use your printer if yu wish and blow it up so it is easier to read.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I made 3 cues

# 232,233,234 on the West Chester Ride Page, I have no idea if these cues are hilly or flat or busy, but it is a start.

Next Tuesday Evening the cue will be #232, make your way to the cue page and print and bring it to the ride next Tuesday, May 19, Election Day.

You can use Map My Ride or My Bikely to make a map and a cue, both require some computer skills but hey, IF i can figure it out, you can too. Look I am old and somehow I managed to learn the computer.

Looking for NEW cues

Calling for new CUES. There are few cues on the WCCC site that are for 25 miles or less. This makes having cues for Tuesday and Thursday Evening Rides a tough job. It requires me to make all the cues and print the cues for each ride. This at times can be a lot of work and I cannot always have a cue printed and ready for every ride. Again, making multi level riding groups a bit difficult for me to manage.

SOOOOOO, if some of you can go to either My Bikely or Map My Ride, draw a map and save it. Now on My Bikely, you have to hand type the cue directions. On Map My Ride, the cue is made automatically but printing it is a bit tricky.

SO come on ladies, make some maps, send me the links and I will save the cues to a pdf and make them available on the WCCC page.

Ride directions have to be in CUE SHEET format.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ride for Thursday May 14 changed to 930 am

heard the weather forecast, so I am changing the ride to 930 am, this ride is open to all, any newbies out there home, come on out, here is a link to the cue, have no ridden this cue and have no idea about hills, but we can go as slow as needed, GIVE IT A WHIRL!! Meet at MY HOUSE, cannot park at Hot Foot during the day

View Interactive Map on

MY other sport


AGAIN, i recommend Twitter for ride planning, join for free, set up an account and then click on settings and hook your cell phone

find me LibsM and click to FOLLOW

then using your phone,

send to 40404

text follow LibsM

that hooks up for your phone for updates from me

to send a message to group, just hit reply to my text message and the group will get it

it is a WONDERFUL way to post rides

lots of ladies have figured it out, so give it a try

you can lock up your own site and never post a tweet on your site and still follow me

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tues and Thurs Eve Show and Go Ride Changes

Had a huge group, men and ladies, 30 miles and Charlene came out for the first time and holy moly, that chick can ride, we were going at a good pace and she hung in there the whole time.

For Tues and Thursday Evening Rides, we tend to get very mixed levels showing up so I am making a change and I will post it to the West Chester Cycling page as well. I will have a route planned but since this is a Show and Go ride, come prepared with a cue of your own and be prepared to lead a group. If you tend to ride a fast pace, bring a cue and be prepared to lead a group. I cannot plan one ride for levels ranging from C to B+.

The Chicks are now riding around 13 mph and if you go faster than this, bring a cue and lead a B group.

I will have a cue ranging from 20 -25 miles and will try to publish it in advance but i cannot always get one made in time. There are few prepared cues on the WCCC ride page that are less than 25 miles so I have to make most of the cues.

But do not come always expecting a preplanned cue made by me, there are too many levels now for our rides and I could use some help with other folks coming with cues. We can then split up accordingly.

Monday, May 11, 2009

your bike is still sitting in your garage because....

1. I am too slow, so I will stay home, afraid to bike and stay slow, nothing gained, nothing lost.

2. I am afraid to bike on the roads, so I will stay home and stay afraid.

3. I look awful on a bike, so I will stay home and stay looking awful.

4. I do not know how to shift my gears, so I will stay home and never learn.

5. I do not have a bike so I will stay home and make no plans to buy a bike, cuz I need so many other important things.

6. I just cannot find the time so I will stay home and complain that I am too busy to bike.

7. I am too fat to bike so I will stay home and stay fat and continue to complain.

8. I am too old to bike so I will stay home and just get older.

9. I can't bike 30 miles, I will die, so I will just stay home and complain.

10.My kids have so many activities that I just cannot find the time so I will continue to burn gas driving them to everything under the sun and complain that I am too busy to bike.

11. My husband bikes but he will not bike with me so I stay home and complain I have no one to bike with.

12. My job takes all my time and with the kids and their activities, there is no time so I stay home and whine about all the stuff I am NOT doing.

13. I don't have a bike bag or bike gloves and I cannot find the time to buy them so I stay home and complain.

14. If I go biking I might just have fun and can finally say " I did it!"

Got a ride up for Tues eve, Hot Foot 530, come, what can you possibly lose by trying?

tweet party works, very clever app

Sent a test message to my small group of family members via text messaging and it worked, once you go to the TweetParty site, log in and then sync your followers, form a group and then click on manage. a list of your followers will come up and you can then click ADD. make sure to follow tweetparty and to sync you phone, let me know if anyone can make a group and do this, the possibilities with Twitter are unlimited and the number of third party apps available is also AMAZING!!

to text to your group

send to 40404

and from tweetparty's site........ you text this in your message box, below is an example of what your tweet would look like ........

<<<d tweetparty #family Almost ready for our family vacation - can't wait! <<<<<<<

more cool twitter news

had an email from a twitting chick asking how to tweet just to a group of friends and not all the folks following her,

got on the Net, through some trial and error found TweetParty

log in and follow onscreen directions, make sure to FOLLOW tweetparty from your Twitter page and also, text FOLLOW tweetparty from yur fone

I managed to make a group and sent a message to it from my phone, hopefully it worked but it would help for those who want to send tweets to only certain folks and not all the folks that follow them.

email me if you get stuck

LibsM twitter username

TweetParty tweetparty username

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rides for the week of May 11

Tuesday - Thursday evening Show and Go, 530 at Hot Foot, should be great weather this week, so get your butts out, so far only reliable riders are Ellen and me, whatts up with that???

Saturday May 16, 8:30 am, cue #145 on the WCCC ride page

After my 2 day odyessy from Ann Arbor to Phila I am ready for a ride. First flight got cancelled then second flight sat on the runway for 3 hrs, so almost 2 days for a one hour plane ride, oh well, it is what it is!

So come on out, calling all chicks and friends of chicks.

latest ride updates can be found on Twitter at LibsM

twitter it for updates, lots of chicks are hooking up on twitter and planning rides.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

this is bad news, call your reps and tell em to Pass the Safe Passing Law

delaware jumps in the ranking, PA sinks even further

The League of American Bicyclists have published their rankings of Bicycle Friendly States for 2009. The big news is that Delaware jumped from from 31st to 9th. The state recently held a State Bike Summit and a complete streets Executive Order from the Governor.

New Jersey stayed in the top 10 slipping to 10th from 9th and Pennsylvania dropped from 38th to 4oth.

What makes a Bicycle Friendly State? States are evaluated based on the questionnaire below.

PA Safe Passing Law Campaign State Representative Rob Miller (R-York) is planning to introduce a safe passing law in that would require motorists to pass cyclists within 4 feet and protect cyclists from motorists turning right into their path. This would be the second time that Rep. Miller has pursued these changes to the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. The potential bill has twelve co-sponsors to date, but needs more. So far, Babette Josephs is the only Democrat and Philadelphia regional Representative who has pledged to co-sponsor. PA Bikes and Walks , a new online network of PA bicycle advocates, is asking all bicyclists to please call your Representative and ask that they co-sponsor Representative Miller's Safe Passage bill.

make your mom a cute video

check out a video that you can send to mom to wish her a Happy Mother's Day, providing your mom has email and can follow a link, this one came to me, easy to make, just need your mom's name and email address

Friday, May 8, 2009

additional ride

Sat May 9 ride, I cannot make this ride, hopefully someone will step up and lead the group, i got stuck in Ann Arbor as my flight got cancelled and then the plane today had problems, so I spent hrs sitting in a plane going nowhere.

I am going to be going out early early Sunday morning doing the same cue as Saturday, if anyone wants to join me I will pass by Hot Foot at 730 am

30 miles, should be low traffic as well,

but with two rides up, hopefully all the chicks will RIDE


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Set a goal to get yourself biking

I have found the best way to do regular biking is to set a goal and there is no better way to do than to sign up for one of the great sponsored rides in our area.

Without this type of goal, little excuses creep into your desire to bike and next thing you know it is July and you are still NOT biking.

Here is a great list of coming up area rides

May 31 Chester County Cancer Challenge June 6, so far ellen, cassandra and eileen and ron are going, let's get some more chicks

French Creek Iron Tour June 14, Ellen and libby and cassandra are doing this ride

River to River Heritage Bicycle Tour July 25

I am sure there are other rides available, the point being

GET OUT and RIDE, plan to attend an event and start riding to get ready for it,

providing the RAIN stops sometime soon

see you all Saturday morning at 830 at Hot Foot if it is not raining

32 miles, will split into groups if we have various levels in attendance.

SO YOU HAVE no excuses

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

may 11-15 Bike to Work week

Those of you unlucky enough to have to go to work, make it a little better next week by biking to work. It is National Bike to Work week, why not participate. Lobby your place of work to provide changing areas for you and your co-workers, bike racks and what not. Obama is all about the green, so put some action into your compaigning, and do something green and make the kind of CHANGE that will do some good.

eye candy

heard the sun is trying to peek its head out in W Chester, if not, here is some sunshine in the form of eye candy to cheer us non-biking Chicks up, apparently Phelps is off suspension and getting back in shape.

oh yeah!

Monday, May 4, 2009

in Ann Arbor

Visiting my son in Ann Arbor, he is grad student here. Unlike WC, we have sun and high 60s. So that is nice. Was out in the car and noticed kids biking home from school. Since this is a contained town with lots of sidewalks and such, kids can walk and bike to school. Nice to see and it is a shame more kids cannot do this.

Seems wrong, kids ride buses home from school and then get into cars and go to soccer practice. Would be better if their exercise could occur as part of their day and therefore, become a life time habit. I biked to school or walked my entire school career. Maybe that is why I am biking now.

Get your kids on bikes, and make habits of sports that kids can actually do as adults.