Sunday, March 1, 2009

whattsa CUE SHEET

Sample CUE SHEET above, I will publish cue sheets for ALL rides, cue sheet links will be on blog and WCCC ride page, learn how to use the websites for West Chester Cycling and learn how to use the blog.

Once I make the cue sheet for our April Ride, I will post it, download it and print it up.

Always bring a cue sheet, suggest before a ride, you GET ON GOOGLE MAPS

and study where we will be biking. I have lost chicks who made a wrong turn and they had no idea where they were. FOR YOUR SAFETY, get familiar with Chester County roads. I do my best to keep track of riders but you should NEVER leave on a bike ride without some idea of where we are going.

I use a site called MY BIKELY (click link), below is a map and cue sheet of our April Ride.

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