Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Make plans now to bike through the winter

Yes, I said bike through the winter. Now I will not bike in snow or wet conditions but cold weather should not stop you from biking.

Why sit on a spinning bike during the winter PRETENDING you are biking??

What do you need to bike in cold weather? Get winter gear and have a great winter sport. Skiing too expensive?? you can assemble a winter outfit for  $200  or so if you look for sales.

1. Good gloves- approx $20

2. Shoe covers- I just got a nice pair at Terry Cycles, $30

3. Thick socks- got mine at Performance, I have one pair $10

4. Head band to cover ears and a helmet liner-also got these at Performance, I have one head band and one head cover $20

5. Long pants- I have two pairs, one for temps from 45 - 60 degrees and one pair for under 40 degrees - one pair around $60

6. Undergarments - I have one long sleeve and one sleeveless polypropylene top, easy found at Target or Wall Mart $30

7. Gore Windstopper Outer shell jacket, in a bright color, I also got this at Performance on sale for $50, shop around, Performance always has something on sale  

Shadows and light are different in the winter, wear bright yellow or orange or lime green jackets or tops, make sure to have a good light on bike, both red back light and white front light.

I have posted many options for you to choose from. Look for sales on the Net for  your gear. 

Monday, September 29, 2008

Seagull Century

Ellen Z and I are off on Friday to head to Salisbury MD for our first century ride. We hope to start our ride at 7 am and have to be finished by 5 pm.

Got my bike bag packed and I am very excited for our ride. Whether we make all 100 miles or not we are still out there giving it our all.

Got my spare tubes and have cleaned the chain and lubed it as well.

Check back for photos and updates on our ride.

Friday, September 26, 2008

ride cancelled

BIKER CHICK ride CANCELLED for saturday sept 27

Hey I was riding the Schuylkill trail last wednesday and got a flat, nice to be prepared and able to change it myself.

Remember, if you inflate with CO2, deflate the tire when you get home and pump it up with a regular pump.

Check blog or ride page for any changes for Saturday morning.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ride update info and vulture sighting

Last night Charlot and I rode out S New Street. Charlot spotted about 30 turkey vultures sitting on a fence and several more in the field. Then we spotted the dead dear. But those buzzards, spooky, looked like a Hitchcock movie!!

Rain is being predicted for Saturday. If it rains, I will plan a ride on the Schuylkill River Trail for Sunday if it has stopped. Leave Betzwood at 9:30 am, ride to the Art Museum and stop in Manyunk at the Couch Tomato for a snack.

There is an event scheduled on the Martin Luther King Drive from 8 am -10 am, so hopefully the road is open. If not, we can just turn around and head back.

Monday, September 22, 2008

put fresh batteries in your bike lights for tues eve ride

i got the word from the ride director of WCCC, he suggests lights for the ride, make sure you have a good back light, something bright and blinkie

can attach it to the bike or attach it to your clothes

a great light and practical

11 days to the Century

It is not too late to join Ellen and me on this fun ride. The more the merrier. Maybe we can make a pace line!! tee hee

Don't forget the ride tomorrow night, let's get a lot of chicks out.

Show our forces.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rides for week of Sept 21

Sept 23, Tues eve ride, WCCC is making this the official last evening ride, meet at Hot Foot at 5:00 pm, we will do approx 25 miles

Sept 27 8:40 am, Saturday morning,  changing this cue 

I rode on rt 282 today in the car and felt that this road is too narrow and too dangerous to ride. Will post a new cue # later in the week.

CUE for 9/27 will be #170, we will head out to Malvern and Radnor Hunt, a nice change of pace and hopefully some smooth roads. 38 miles and we do not have to climb Rt 842 into the boro, we come in from S Concord

See you out, the week of Oct 4, Ellen and I will be down in Salisbury MD doing the Seagull Century, if this ride is still open, PLEASE JOIN US!

Fabo ride today


If you are not out biking during this beautiful fall season, you are missing one the best activities of Chester County. We  had a great group today, men and women, newbies and oldies. Everyone did fantastic. Charlene Underwood had her personal best today. She has improved so much. She is on a heavy bike and is still keeping up with all of us.

Charlene is a perfect example of a lady unwilling to give up. Her hard work has made her a great rider. 

Today we were out on Rt 82 and then we turned onto Dupont Road and WOW, the scenery today was spectacular.  We went through a gorgeous covered bridge,  and just simply enjoyed the beauty of the day.

Biking is such a great activity. I have seen lots of ladies take to the sport and excel this summer season. Such a great effort by so many ladies.

It is not too late to bike. Fall is the best time ever to bike. Just wait till the leaves start turning.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WCCC last evening ride 5:00 pm 9/23

September 23, the WCCClub is planning a final evening ride with a celebration afterwards.

I am calling all Chicks to come out for this last ride, we will not ride with the fast men but we can celebrate afterwards OR NOT. If the group wants to ride together, we can certainly try. I guess it all depends on who shows up.

You are under no obligation to head to Iron Hill afterwards.

But let's all come out and enjoy the last evening ride with the Chicks.

If we do not ride with the club members, we will do the S New Street Ride, out S New, and back around on Rt 100, over to rt 162, over to rt 322 and into the borough.

Saturday Ride September 20

Cue # 161

38 miles, we will be passing Shaws Bridge Park at 9:00 am if you want to meet us there

if you do this, email me in case any ride plans get changed Saturday morning

Come on out and have a nice ride in beautiful weather. Soon we will have fall foliage to view as we ride.

Print up the cue and bring it with you.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ride meet ups

Start places for Biker Chicks Rides

1. HOTFOOT Cycles -319 W Gay Street WC PA

2. SHAWS BRIDGE PARK - 1/4 mile south of the intersection of rt 842 and S Creek Road,this intersection is about 5 miles south of the boro of West Chester.

3. BETZWOOD BRIDGE- for rides on the SRT- take rt 422 west, exit at Trooper, bear left on exit ramp, continue left and follow road to the Betzwood Park. You will see a parking lot and the Schuylkill River.

Use GOOGLE MAPS and get directions from your house to the above addresses. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

No weekday rides this week

Look for a ride to be posted for next Saturday morning, hopefully we can combine with the C group if few folks show up.

I am doing the SRT this week but have invited a family of homeschooling kids to go with me, we are going to have lunch at the Couch Tomato in Manyunk.

May offer rides Sunday afternoons later in the fall. Football Insanity Rides.

Check back for details.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Great Ride today

but NO CHICKS, luckily men come out each week cuz otherwise it would have been me and the road. I have been tracking my miles since July 1, I hit the 1000 mile marker today. 10 weeks -1000 miles. I feel great about that.

Cue #127 is a phenomenal  ride. Mostly flat, mostly country and mostly great.

I looked around today and counted maybe total 5-7 women riders, most in the B groups. There were at least 50 men.

Wish I knew what to do to get women out on bikes??  But it seems to be a low priority with many women except the few fast ladies.

I see the same  women faces week in and week out in the B groups. But men come out in droves.

Saturday ride is ON

will meet at 8:40 am at Hot Foot

make sure to carry extra spare tubes and inflation

see you there

Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturday rides

please check blog and WCCC ride page for updates for saturday

rain and or wet roads can cancel a ride

CUE changed to #127 for saturday 38 miles to Coatesville, fairly flat and nice

if roads are very wet with lots of wet leaves, ride may be cancelled


Monday, September 8, 2008

Rides for week of September 8

I will be going up to the SRT on wednesday morning, very brisk pace if anyone wants to join me. Meet at Betzwood at 9:30 am

Saturday morning ride, September 13, 8:40 am cue # 213 
47 miles, fairly flat course, here is the map, should be a fun ride and push us in mileage and speed, HOPEFULLY!!

this ride will be a faster pace, if on a cross bike or mountain bike, make sure to bring the cue sheet and be prepared to use it, if enough folks come, we can split into two groups

Sunday September 21

I am signing up for the Bike Fresh Bike Local

ride options include 25 , 50, 75

may try the 50 miles, I think these rides head up north, so they may be hilly, probably decide that morning which ride I will do.

Come join me

Saturday, September 6, 2008

All Saturday rides have been cancelled

all rides have been cancelled for saturday, too dangerous

Biker Chicks will do cue 127 tomorrow at noon and the Newbie Ride at 300 pm is ON

see you tomorrow


saturday ride

at this point, i am undecided about riding this morning as wet roads bring flat tires, Ed of the C group has a ride up

if i do not show, join his group, if i show i will be doing cue #127

it is shorter

so head on up if inclined to ride and you can surely find a group to join if Biker Chicks are not there


Friday, September 5, 2008

for saturday

cue #213

47 miles for Saturday

if it rains, we will meet at noon on sunday

Cue for sunday #127 38 miles

print them up or take a look at a map so you have some idea where these cues go



HOT FOOT cycles is located at 319 W Gay Street in West Chester

use google maps and get directions to the lot from your house

Shaws Bridge Park is 1/4 mile south of the Rt 842 and S Creek intersection, easily found on any map


Saturday's ride


gonna work on making a cue this afternoon for saturday, if it RAINS

ride will move to sunday at 12 noon, meet at Hot Foot

thinking of about 40 miles for the cue, check back later for map and or Cue #

NEWBIE ride still on for Sunday at 3 pm


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Schuylkill River Trail - SRT


I did the SRT today with some folks and I am posting that I will be doing this trail ride most Wednesday mornings through the Fall if anyone wants to join me.

I took to the trail today at 9:45 am and it was a good time.

Almost no one is on the trail so it makes for a nice ride. Sometime late October, the Phoenixville extension is supposed to be all paved, this would make the trail west of Betzwood go all the way to Phoenixville. This trail extension comes out in the Mont Clare park that abutts the canal in Phoenixville.

The Cross County extension goes to IKEA. I did part of that today as well.

So any time any of you wants to join me on a morning ride on the SRT, just send me an email at libby.maxim@gmail.com

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rides for week of September 1

Ellen and Elaine and I did the Brandywine Tour this past Sunday and rode the 50 mile course. Now Ellen and Elaine did not mind all the hills on this ride but I thought it was a tough ride. But while on this ride we saw a cyclist with an awesome blinkie light.

Here is the link to the light above.



Thursday eve at 5:00 pm

18 miles to Malvern and back. Meet at HotFoot Lot, this is the LAST evening ride of the season.

Saturday 8:40 am, leave from Hot Foot, I have not yet picked a cue but this ride will be at least 40 miles and maybe more. Check back for cue #

Sunday afternoon (dependent on weather) 3:00 pm, check back to blog for updates for this ride.


this ride will take off from Hot Foot Lot in the boro, route will be decided by the ladies that show up for this ride. Make sure your tires are well inflated and that you carry an extra tube. Helmet required and water bottles on bike.