Saturday, November 29, 2008

FABO ride today


If you have the right gear, winter biking is as fun as summer biking. I will be riding at least 2-3 times a week as long as the sun shines and it hits 35 or above, email me if you want to ride. I will post rides as well, so check this blog and or the WCCC ride page.

here is a list of what you need;

1. skull cap AND ear covers OR a balaclava, again, look on the Net for bargains

2. heavy winter biking socks

3. shoe covers

4. heavy winter gloves

5. eyewear or your eyes will tear up

6. good winter tights

7. a Gore Windstopper bright yellow jacket- use the Internet to search for one, I saw one at for $70 and I also found a coupon on the Net and got another 20% knocked off

use the Internet and do a good search, cheap bike clothes can be found on sale if you are willing to spend some time looking, also, do a search for Coupons, you would be surprised what you can find

Friday, November 28, 2008

Biker Chick Ride up for Saturday Nov 29

9:30 am, meet at Hot Foot

nice flat ride, no cue made yet, but we will head out Sconneltown and work our way over to N Creek, cross rt 162, cross 322 and head out N Creek to the tunnel near Downingtown, turn around there and head back on Sunset Hollow, cross rt 100 and work our way over to Old Phoenixville Pike and home, around 24 miles, if folks want to do more, we can go through the tunnel and ride a little in Downingtown

I did this ride yesterday and it was great, no climb back into the borough, so hills are a minimum

suggest long pants and ear covers, but weather looks good

hope to see some chicks,

if not, I will be out on the roads anyhow, I have brand new wheels and an upgraded derailleur and it works sooooo well, my new wheels are also super duper

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

if this doesn't motivate you, NOTHING WILL

Next time you're scared to do something, think of these baby ducks. Look at these little warriors. My favorite part is that they flap their wings the whole time they're falling. Honestly, they have no chance of flying with those little wings. But, they hop right out of the nest, flap their wings like they're bald eagles, and fall like rocks all the way to the ground.

It's the time of the offseason when many triathletes are looking to plan out 2009's race schedule. Should you take the leap and sign up for that ironman, or marathon, or century, or open water swim? Are you scared? Flap your wings! Maybe you'll fall like a rock... But, you can always bounce off the ground like the little ducks and keep trying.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Wish list for cyclists

Garmin  Edge® 605

The Best bike gloves EVER

Excellent  bike tires for Chester County roads Continental Gator Skins

Happy Thanksgiving to All

No matter what the holiday, the chicks are always in the kitchen!!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends. Some day warm weather will come back and we can bike again.

Friday, November 21, 2008

ok what happened??

Now we have SNOW? what happened to Fall and all the biking we did last year at this time??

I like snow, just not in November!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

well the rain left

but now we got cold, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  No rides posted until weather changes, has to get at least into the 40s..

Bike Clinic was a huge success last Sunday. Lots of folks and lots of information. Frank and Viktor are a great pair and know sooooo much about bikes.

Friday, November 14, 2008

rain rain go away

i will not be leading the saturday ride, if by some chance, the roads dry and some of you want to ride, meet at Hot Foot at 930 and go where ever you want to bike

I just got new wheels and derailleur and i do not want to get my bike all gunked up in the mud and wet stuff covering the roads.

Bike clinic is ON for Sunday, 3:00 pm

see you then

Monday, November 10, 2008

Biker Chick goals for next season


We have had one fine first seaon of biking. We had lots of ladies at the beginning of the season and then lost many over the summer. Some gals bought new bikes, some did not.  I noticed throughout the summer that the good biking folks show up often and bike often. Biking becomes a priority for them. 

For next season, that is the Biker Chick Goal - Make biking a priority. You have all winter to look for a bike and get some bike clothing. Put it on your Christmas list or birthday list.

How to make biking a priority:

1. put in on your big family calendar each week

2. make it part of your exercise plan

3. get some nifty bike clothing

4. come to a bike clinic even if you do not have a bike, just come and watch

5. decide you want to be fitter and biking is the way to do it

6. go to one of the area sponsored rides, sooooo much fun

7. join the WCCC bike club and get a jersey, orders are now being taken for a spring delivery of items

8. get a friend to come bike with you and the chicks

9. buy a GPS, Ellen did! and she loves it

10. Ellen is a good example of a chick who went from casual biking to making it a proirity and she had a great season

LOOK for rides to continue all through the winter, January 1 is a big WCCC ride and lots of fun.

Put it on your calendar, REMEMBER, chicks who ride often get BETTER. You cannot just show up once or twice a season and ride. YOU need to get out and bike and get better. Get your new bike or whatever gear you need to improve.

Valley Forge ride and Clinic update

I did this ride yesterday in the car, it looks like a doable ride but not this time of the year. I will try this ride next summer, it would be best to do it very early on a Sunday in August. Traffic is lighter. Found some nice back roads to VF. Another possibility is to start the ride at Chesterbrook Shopping Center.

I have no rides up for weekdays as my bike is getting new wheels and derailleur this week. Hopefully I will have it back for Saturday Nov 15.

Clinic is on for Nov 16,  changing the start time to 3 pm for tire changing and 3:30 for chain and cable work. It gets dark so early, my garage will be too dark to see well.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tea Party soooooo much fun

Tea Party today at the Lincoln Room was sooooooo much fun today. We had 7 ladies and enjoyed high tea with small sandwiches and teas and an assortment of wonderful sweets.

thanks to Mary Jane for getting this together. 

If you have never been to the Lincoln Room

take some time and visit this charming little tea room. 

saturday ride, nov 8 cancelled

sitting here missing biking


still sitting here on Saturday morning waiting out the rain, have you ever seen such a long stretch of wet weather!!!


planning a big bike ride, very very exciting, mark your calendar, Nov 16, the same day of the clinic, have a great day, ride all morning, then come fix and maintain your bike,

leave at 8 am from my house 206 E Virginia Ave WC  or meet in Malvern as the start place

planning on biking from West Chester to Betzwood Bridge Schuylkill River Trail, approx 20 miles, ride the trail  to Conshohocken, 15 miles, eat lunch somewhere and then bike home.

Probably going to be around 70 miles, but remember, a good chunk will be on the SRT and that will be flat and easy.

Suggest having a backup plan in case  you cannot make it all the way back. A good pick up might be in Paoli.

IS ANYONE BRAVE enough to try this ride??? email me if you are!!

i will drive the route to Betzwood today and check it out and see if it is too hilly.

not sure

it is 7:30 and raining

will wait and see what it might be like at 9:30

but from the looks of things, roads are wet and covered in leaves

the ride i have is doable even in these conditions, so i will wait and see

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bike Clinic rescheduled

November 16, Sunday 4 pm

if you need tire changing skills come at 3 pm

clinic at 4 will focus on chain repair and cable repair

if you want to actually change your cable, make sure to go buy one that fits your bike

Viktor also recommends:

1)       Chain tool (normal one or in a pinch the mini-tool ones)

2)       A master link or a chain pin (master link is much preferred)

3)       Patience

Make a free ID to carry on bike

Follow the above link and make and print a nice wallet size ID card that you should carry in your bike bag. Accidents can and do happen and having important contact information and medical history on a small card may prove helpful.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Great great ride today

Seriously, riding a bike is a better alternative to dieting!!!

Had a nice group of riders, we did 40 miles and enjoyed a bootiful ride. One newbie,  Mary Pat, only on her 2nd ride, has improved already. She was flying around southern Chester County.

I am offering an Election Day Ride, 68 degrees, vote early then go out for a nice ride. Meet at my house, 206 E Virginia Ave, WC boro at 10:30 am. We will do between 25-30 miles depending on who shows up.

Thursday Nov 6,  meet at 9:30 am, would love to take some chicks to the Schuylkill River Trail. I have a large car and can take 3 ladies with me if interested.

Saturday Nov 8- 30 miles cue# 165, 9:30 am Hot Foot , out to Downingtown, Eagleview and back on Rt 842, easy ride and few hills except rt 842.