Sunday, March 22, 2009

shifting gears

We have had two great newbie rides so far this season. Lots of new faces and chicks on brand new bikes. But we do have ONE problem that I want to address.

Shifting Gears 101

1. Before coming on a ride, YOU MUST take your bike out in your neighbor and practice shifting gears.

2. Most women's bikes have 3 chain rings up front. Don't panic if your bike only has two.

3. Front chain rings are controlled with LEFT HAND. The biggger the ring up front, the harder it is to pedal

4. The back chain rings range from 7-10 rings. Really not sure.

5. TO move chain on back chain rings use RIGHT HAND.

Hill climbing gear is small ring up front and large ring in the back.

Flat terrain gear is large ring up front and middle or lower chain ring in back.

PLEASE go out and practice using ALL of your gears, as it is very hard for me to try and tell you how to shift on busy roads.

To move the chain up to the big ring up front takes a GOOD push on the lever. DO IT. And practice doing it.

When Chicks ride, we use the flat terrain gear a lot and in order to not fall behind, you must get comfortable with riding in the flat terrain gear.

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