Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Helping a newbie


I have had many people ask me how I can stand riding with newbie ladies going slow? How do you have the patience, Libby? How can you take so much time out of your day and spend it waiting around for newbies? I would go nuts most say.

You would only ask these questions if you have not yet had the chance to introduce a newbie to biking. I want all of you chicks to know and understand, YOU CAN NEVER bike too slow for me.

On the Schuylkill Trail today, I could have been crawling on my hands and knees and would still have enjoyed this picture perfect day. Margie and Eileen and Connie and I had the best time ever.

I have another SRT ride up for Sunday April 19, if you are new and afraid of the roads, COME TO THIS ride. The trail is really the best place to start. No cars and no busy intersections.

SO get off of your fannies and come bike.

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