Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ok, I am bored, some funny Twitter toons.....

chicks learning bike maintenance

July 12 4:00 at Connie's home - chicks will spend time learning how to take care of their bikes. If you want to ride a good road bike, YOU MUST learn how to maintain it. It is one thing to ride on the roads, but maintaining the bike is most important.

Simply taking the bike to the bike shop is not enough. You need to know what is not working on your bike, and what parts might need replacing. Asking a bike shop to check your bike is NOT enough. As you have no idea what that means if you are not up to speed on what it takes to keep your bike running smoothly.

some things to know about:

1. chain maintenance

2. cables and derailleurs

3. wheels

4. brakes

5. tires and tubes

6. what to carry on your bike

and it goes on and on, as i have said, don't wait for the bike shop, boyfriend or hubby to maintain your bike - It IS YOUR job!

Monday, June 29, 2009

pretty cool app called Fuser


"where in boxes meet"

since chicks are going into Social Networking, I have found a nifty application called Fuser. Fuser allows you to check multiple email accounts, Facebook email and Twitter posts, all on one page.

I have downloaded it and I am having fun using it, apparently it is rather new but all social networking is rather new. Facebook is only about 5 years old. Twitter is less than that. Fuser is a beta app, so that means it is still in development, send them feedback if you discover problems.

Fun stuff, at least for me, and yeah, I know, I got way toooo much time on my hands.

riding safe and NOT PIGGING the road

We had a great ride on Saturday but I allowed some bad mistakes on the ride.

1. Bunching up at intersections - this has to be a NO NO, cars get mad, don't blame them, we should know better

2. Not getting single file fast enough - again, we know better, we have to be aware of the cars on the road

3. when we stop for rest stops, we MUST get off of the road, again, these mistakes are the mistakes of the ride leader which is ME

so let's all help me by trying to remember the above issues, a very problematic road is Powell Road when we are climbing it and heading onto rt 162, next time I have a group on this road, we will go up in smaller groups and have a plan, this past Saturday we were pigging the entire road

Bad Form, so let's pitch in and help in these matters, thanks

chicks discover social networking

Hey chicks, many of us are now connected via Facebook as well as Twitter as well as the blog and it goes on and on. I personally find it all a ton of fun and something to do. For shut ins or older folks or retired folks or just plain ole folks, Facebook is a good way to share photos and goings on in families and for special interest groups.

ALSO, another shout out to chicks and friends for our BIKE CLINIC and TWITTER Party on July 12, email me for details or do a search on the blog for twitter party posts.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

got eaten by a thorn bush

We had a fabo ride today, the weather could not have been better, started with 12 riders and about halfway home or so, the faster riders took off. We did cue# 127 which is a nice cue, fairly flat and scenic.

I was heading home from Hot Foot, going east on Marshall Road approaching High Street. I was clipped in and was trying not to unclip as the light had just changed. I got sandwiched between a car and the curb and then BOOM, lost my balance and went right into this large thorn bush.

I vanished into it, finally got out but had thorns stuck in me everywhere. I really had to laugh. I mean, can I fall in any more odd spots than I have already??

I think today was the final trophy in my long line of spectacular falls.

Friday, June 26, 2009

hey if weather goes bad?????

anyone up for a Sunday morning ride if Saturday gets rained out??

can pick a shorter cue if you want or we can do the same one posted for Saturday

so check blog and Twitter for updates

LibsM Twitter username

to receive tweets to phone, sign up and then set your device to ON

then using your phone, text to 40404

follow LibsM

this will bring the messages to your phone

Calling all chicks

Bike Clinic, Twitter Party and FOOD

July 12, 4:00 Connie Synder's House

4pm Connie's house, (address to come later, she is just off of RT 202 just south of rt 926)
Ask that they; Write on a piece of paper, your favorite biking "thing" (one or more) This could be a tip about biking, a sports drink, energy bar, bike lights, etc. Tell where to purchase or bring recipes, etc. Bring it with you and we will post them all on a big board to share with everyone.

We will have balloons and instructions available to figure out what your vital lung capacity is.
Libby will add to our bike clinic skills and show how to repair a bike chain, change a tire, and learn how to change a cable as well, BRING bike if you plan on changing a tire or cleaning it, bring some towels and bike chain lube. Recommend Pedros Road Rage

RSVP to connie and 610-247-2367 or ccsnyder123@verizon.net. Please bring some type of finger food to share.
So far:
Connie - cocktail meatballs
Eileen Fresta is coming
Ellen Zadoff is coming Libby- shrimp cocktail, would not miss this, sounds like so much fun

To find rides for each week

if you do not want to use the WCCC ride page, it is simple to use the blog but you must use the search feature in the upper left

use this terminology when searching

" rides for the week of date"

for date, weeks start on SUNDAY, so use that format, you will see the posts come up for the week you are searching for

or you can check the wccc ride page

Rides for the week of June 28

Tuesday Thursday evening from Hot Foot, 530, SHOW and GO rides, this means that even if I do not show up, anyone can lead the rides. Most of the evening rides are done this way. Always come prepared to take over a ride if I am not there. We are all experienced enough now to do this. And you should know your way around the county at this point. FOR lastest updates, always check blog Twitter posts or sign up via your cell phone for updates.

Saturday July 4 8 am Hot Foot cue #161

if the group is large , we will split it up according to speed.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

found nice new way back into boro

tonight we did the new re-entry into the boro that cassandra and i did on tuesday eve, take a left off the Rt 842 bridge and head north as if going all the way up rt 842

then veer off onto N Creek and take it all the way to rt 162, cross rt 162 go left, go right on N Creek and take it to rt 322

cross rt 322 and head up Frank Road past East Bradford Elementary school and follow Frank which turns into Copeland School Road to rt 322, cross it again and take Highland then right on Brookworth

cross rt 322 AGAIN, and take W Ashbridge to New, follow New to Hot Foot

nice path and it avoids 842 and 322 and Frank is nice and quiet

give it a whirl if out someday

will try again tonight

Leaving Hot Foot at 530, 20 miles TOPS, easy ride, will do the new re-entry to West Chester on Frank Road.

Check Twitter for updates in case weather goes bad, right now radar looks good.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

calling all newbies and oldies

Last night 5 chicks did cue # 232 again, the Cannery run, and Cassandra and I veered off and took another route home. She and I ended up doing over 30 miles before we got home. We headed down N Creek, over to rt 322, but instead of going up 322 we took Frank Road. It was a really nice way to go. Frank Rd has no traffic and is quiet compared to 322. Will do this route again.

Anyhooooo if no rain tonight, will be offering a much shorter ride, 15 miles and I am calling for newbies to come give it a try.

Meet at HotFoot at 530.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

calling all ladies looking for a new bike

got this from Mary Pat of Biker Chicks....

at the Brandywine Cyclery in Brabmar Plaza

They are having ladies night on Thursday night the 25th., they are having a rep from specialized there as well as discounts...thought you may want to pass this onto the other chicks in the group. I think I am going to go. Its at the crossroads of Silverside and Marsh roads.

View Larger Map

so far radar looks promising

for 6/23, so far radar looks good, will try again, last minute updates are on Twitter, make sure to hook your cell to receive the Tweets,

to do this simply text to 40404

follow LibsM

then you will get my tweets to your cell

taping your handlebars, YES you can!


Many of us pay the bike store to replace our handlebar tape. The video above is very good and there are plenty of other videos on the Net if you look around. There are also tons of various tapes available to use to decorate your bike.

A nice tape job makes your bike look well maintained and also makes for a nice comfortable ride for your hands and keeps your grip tight.

Monday, June 22, 2009

follow up on SRT assault

this came in the WCCC email listserv......

As you may know there have been some problems on the SRT near Norristown.
The Montco bike folks have put together a reporting system to address this,
described below.
(from Steve Sheetz)

I wanted to be the first to congratulate John Bringhurst on his
efforts in making the reporting system for NON-911 worthy issues!

Ladies and Gentlemen, PLEASE use 911 if you are attacked, but use
this reporting system if you see criminal activity on the trail,
(like a drug deal, for example, do not stop or do anything other than
note the location and then tell authorities with this system) IF
kids are throwing rocks or are verbally harassing you, use this
reporting system... If you are not sure what, but it seems like you
are seeing suspicious activity... Consider this a type of
neighborhood watch reporting device.

I would really appreciate it if the webmasters of the area clubs post
this link on their clubs' web page. My goal is 100% reporting of
incidents that occur on the SRT. Ladies and Gentlemen, WE are
responsible for our security, and only WE can help make sure the
places we ride are safe.

Jon, THANKS AGAIN!!!! Awesome Job!!!

You can view it at: http://www.trailreporter.com/

Steve Scheetz
Chair, Montgomery County Cycling Committee
Safety and Legislation Coordinator, Suburban Cyclists Unlimited

rides for week of june 22


Every evening this week, Monday, Tues, Wed Thurs, I am posting a ride, since the weather is so iffy, i will try each night to get a ride up.

We will take off at 530 sharp, so come prepared. If this weather holds today, I will be up there at Hot Foot, cue will depend on weather and folks who show up, if you want to ride faster than me, bring a map so you can find your way around.

Tonight will be a simple cue and you can probably make your way home without me if you need to ride fast.

Saturday morning 8 am ride, cue # 127, 38 miles, nice and flat and not bad, we will take our time, those that want to ride ahead, BRING a cue and be prepared to get yourself home.

ALL rides this week will be geared to getting ladies on bikes. SO if you are sitting and home and NOT biking, come on out. I will do all in my power to provide a good ride at YOUR speed.

Again, if you want to ride fast, bring a cue or try Shaun's B group. He is there most tuesdays and thursdays.

SEE YOU TONIGHT, use Twitter for updates, username LibsM

Sunday, June 21, 2009

a late Happy Father's Day to.........

What's wrong with this picture?? (read post to find out)

........... the hubbies of any chicks who happen to have hubbies AND who are parents as well,

and from what I have seen, we have way more husbands and boyfriends riding than the women.

So again, I am asking for C level ladies, get your bike out and RIDE. It is amazing at how men make time in their schedules to ride their bikes. These men have kids and jobs and soccer and swim team, but they do get out.

We have a strong core group of Chick riders but have failed to attract large new numbers. Cassandra has become one great great new rider, Charlene is improving so fast she is gonna be biking with the B riders. But there are many many ladies NOT riding, why I have no clue?

SO those ladies sitting at home, what did your husband/daddy do today? Does he ride a bike?? If so, how come you do not ride with him? If you have kids, get them bikes, and hit the Schuylkill Trail with the whole family. Or do the Struble Trail in Downingtown.

An active mother is the best example for her kids. Get on your bike and take your kids biking. They will need a bike with gears but most kid bikes come with gears. A good bike store for kids' bikes is the one in Downingtown. It is right on rt 30 in Caln. Tell the fellow that Libby sent you and you may get a discount. I bought many kids' bikes there. Ask for Ken.

So what is wrong with the pic above?? where the heck is the mom's bike? Now i know the kid has no helmet but he is not really riding. Hopefully they bought him a helmet.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

soggy woggy

Some days nothing works, while none of us fell today, we got soaked, I put my BUP into action.

What you say is a BUP? why your "back up plan' in case of emergencies, despite trying to shield my phone, I think it is a goner. Should of had it in a plastic bag. SO from now on, carrying a zip lock bag in case of rain.

Learning while we ride, always a process.

gonna try the ride

it is saturday june 20 6:45 am, at this point, I am going out, have a back up plan in case the weather goes real bad

so far radar looks like we can make it but who knows


Friday, June 19, 2009

more bike maintenance

We ride all summer long and many times we forget we have to check out bikes periodically to see if everything is running okay. Not only do you have to clean your chain and derailleurs regularly, you need to maintain the integrity of the chain and your back gear set.

One site I have found has some useful tutorials on bike maintenance. I am suggesting this one on how to check to see if your chain has stretched.


If your chain has stretched noticeably, you may need a new rear gear set as well. I highly recommend you get yourself knowledgeable BEFORE going to bike repair store. You need to be able to tell the bike store what you need done.

Simply telling the guy to check your bike will not always guarantee a job well done.

At our next bike clinic we will cover some of this advanced bike maintenance and help you sound smarter when you take your bike into the bike repair store. July 12 is our next clinic, scroll down for the post for details or click the link above.

Riding the Schuylkill Trail

Ellen and I have ridden the trail twice this week and it has been spectacular. You can now head east or west and get a variety of riding.

Starting on July 19 Sunday, Ellen and I will be biking the trail to the Art Museum and back. Rides will start at 7:45 am at Betzwood and some rides will start all the way back at the Phoenixville extension.

This will continue through the rest of the summer on Sundays except Aug 2 which is the She Rox Triathlon. We have the Dog Daze on Aug 1 so will still have a fun ride available.

From Betzwood to Art Museum and back is around 50 miles, but ladies, it is flat and easy.
From Phoenixville it is about 70 miles. Thought we might try that in August and stop for lunch etc in Manyunk.

Riding around the Art Museum is tons of fun and just a great ride. No cars, no hills and fun.

SO mark your calendars, any change in the rides will be posted but for now, make your plans and come out and join Ellen and I on a Sunday morning.

Rides will LEAVE at 7:45 so be on time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Looking for riding companions for this ride

23rd Annual Amish Country Bike Tour - Sat., September 12, 2009

This ride looks like fun and it not too far away, many miles options and FLAT course. I was riding next to someone in the French Creek Iron Tour and she told me about this ride. Hotels are cheap too, about $89 per night. Let's get a crowd at this ride. I would love to do it.

from the site above

Tour and Race Information:
• Helmets are required.
• 25-Mile ProCAP Competitive race starts at 7:30 a.m.,
on Legislative Mall and ends at Bayhealth Medical
Center nearby. Racers will be provided with t-shirts
and after-race breakfast.
• Bike tour starts 8 a.m.; day-of registration ends at 10
• Bike tour begins and ends at Legislative Mall
(Mapquest: 411Federal St.).
• Bike Tour Distance: 15, 25, 50, 62 and 100 miles —
your choice! Bring friends and family.
• Rider Support — Phone-equipped SAG support
continuously patrols for cyclists with physical or
mechanical issues. Provided by Bike Werx and
Dunbar’s Cyclery until 5 p.m.
• Event is rain or shine; no rain date.
• Bike tour benefits Central Delaware YMCA Youth
Programs and Amish School House Education
• ProCAP bike race benefits Prostate Cancer
• There are NO REFUNDS for any reason.
After-Tour Party Info:
• Catered picnic: One BBQ lunch included in your bike
tour (not competitive race) registration; extras may
be purchased for $9 per person) from 11 a.m. to 4
p.m. Competitive racers are invited to join the fun,
but lunch will cost extra.
• Door prize drawings.
• Live music by Friends of Folk and yard games.
• T-shirt and hat sales. (T-shirts, $20 before August 21
with bike tour registration; $25 day of bike tour).

nicest place in PA to bike

Bartram's Bridge - 1860
Spans border with Delaware County

I would rate Chester County as the nicest place in PA to bike. Not only do we have spectacular scenery but the roads are not really deserted, hence it is a pretty safe place to bike.

Horse farms, cow farms and you name it, you will see it when biking in Chester County. If you are thinking of biking as a hobby, we have the perfect county for biking.

Plus we have access to the Schuylkill River Trail and hopefully the Chester Valley Trail from Exton to Norristown and the Schuylkill River Trail.

What else do you need, bike stores?? You have many to choose from - Bike Line, Exton Bike, West Chester Bike, Hot Foot and bikes stores in Media and Phoenixville as well. Downingtown has a nice bike shop on rt 30 called the Downingtown Bike Store.

We have 2 spectacular bike clubs, West Chester Cycling and Brandywine Bike Club. You can pick or join both.

Plus you got me, begging you to bike. I run bike clinics, do Newbie rides, will wait for anyone and everyone on the road. I can fix a flat, chain and cable and I carry the supplies to fix YOUR bike on the road.

See you soon, Lib

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

calling all chicks and newbies

Thursday eve 530 Hot Foot if not raining, I will ride in cloudy weather, so come on out, just doing 20 miles, in and out, not hard. Give it a whirl

Saturday morning 8 am Hot Foot, cue # 145 flat and nice ride, come on out, give it a try

Monday morning 10 am NEWBIE RIDE on the Schuylkill River Trail
meet at Betzwood (look on the right column of the blog, right under the calendar is a link to directions to Betzwood)

Will do whatever the Newbies want. Get the dust off of that bike and come ride. Hey, if I can fall in front of a lot of folks and have to have some big guy pull me off of my bike, you can ride on a safe FLAT trail. You have no excuse. See you there, pop me an email or a Tweet to let me know if you are coming. Bring a friend, bring anyone, just show up.

Listen my children and you shall hear, the midnight Tweet of Paul Revere

Twitter in America is simply a social networking tool to talk about basically nothing except what we are doing. But in Iran, Twitter is proving to be more than this and may at some point change the way the world communicates. Time Online has an interesting article about Twitter and Iran.

Twitter was scheduled for a 2 hour maintenance and decided to postpone this close down of Twitter for the sake of Iran. Imagine the outcome of many of our historical events had people had the benefits of instant communication.

Apparently the radio was key is helping Hilter rise to power. People could hear him. Imagine having Twitter during the Holocaust. Since no one controls Twitter, the folks on the street are able to have their voices heard.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cleat covers

Well, after 3 years of NOT buying cleat covers, I have learned that this piece of equipment is vital to saving my cleats. Since new cleats can be expensive, having covers will save your cleats from wear and tear when you walk on pavement or unpaved surfaces.

These are easy to carry in your back pocket of your bike jersey and can be slipped on easily. I plan on wearing my covers now whenever I am walking in my bike shoes.

cable maintenance

Your bike has two types of cables - brake cables and derailleur cables. Both cables need to be maintained and checked periodically.

A broken derailleur cable during a ride can make it hard to get home. Fixing a cable on the road can be problematic as it takes time and requires a good wire cutter. There are a few shortcut things that can be done to get yourself home without replacing your cable. Or you can learn how to replace a cable on the road. If none of these makes sense to you, then you MUST have your back up plan in action. You need to be able to call for help and have someone come get you.

When you go out on your bike, do you have a phone number of someone who will actually answer the phone and be willing to come get you????

To check your cables, you can make a visual inspection. Look at the cable, follow its path and look for stray threads coming loose on your cable. This is one sign of a weak cable. Most times though cables break up in the handlebar where they start.

Proper maintenance and changing cables on a regular basis will prevent this problem. A new cable costs $5.00, so it is foolish to not keep up with this type of maintenance.

This is more of the interesting stuff you can learn about at our next clinic.

cleat maintenance

After all the walking I had to do at the French Creek Iron Tour, I decided to take a look at my cleats. They were well worn so I bought a new pair that also came with cleat covers.

It is a good idea to turn your bike shoes over and take a look at your cleats. Now if you have mountain bike shoes and cleats, their maintenance may not be as critical since the cleat is recessed.

I have Look pedals and exposed cleats so that when i walk on my bike shoes, my cleats hit the pavement. It is also a good idea to check the screws and make sure they are tight.

If you replace your cleats, use the templates that come with the cleats and follow the directions on how to replace your cleat into the same spot as the old cleat.

I save the extra screws and washers and carry them in my bike bag in case I lose one on a bike ride.

Hey, this is just some of the good information that you will get at our next Bike Clinic and Tweet Party. So come on out and learn something new.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Announcement Annoucements Announcements

Several EXCITING things coming up for Chicks.

1. Tweet Party July 12 Connie Synder is inviting all chicks, come learn how to Tweet, and Connie has some more fun planned.

from Connie.....

4pm Connie's house, (address to come later, she is just off of RT 202 just south of rt 926)
Ask that they; Write on a piece of paper, your favorite biking "thing" (one or more) This could be a tip about biking, a sports drink, energy bar, bike lights, etc. Tell where to purchase or bring recipes, etc. Bring it with you and we will post them all on a big board to share with everyone.

We will have balloons and instructions available to figure out what your vital lung capacity is.
Libby will add to our bike clinic skills and show how to repair a bike chain, change a tire, and learn how to change a cable as well, BRING bike if you plan on changing a tire or cleaning it, bring some towels and bike chain lube. Recommend Pedros Road Rage

RSVP to connie and 610-247-2367 or ccsnyder123@verizon.net. Please bring some type of finger food to share.
So far:
Connie - cocktail meatballs
Eileen Fresta is coming
Ellen Zadoff is coming
Libby- shrimp cocktail, would not miss this, sounds like so much fun


3. Upcoming rides, Dog Daze Aug 1, great ride, not bad for hills, Brandywine Bike Club makes a nice ride and a doable ride

4. Covered Bridge Metric, Aug 16, nothing beats a ride in Lancaster, FLAT, really flat, and the scenery, woweee zoweeeeee

SO come meet some new ladies at the Tweet Party and come bike, as i have said, if I can do this, ANYONE can

I have encountered every bad thing you can encounter and I am still ticking and still biking.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flat City

Did the French Creek Iron Tour today, great ride but with the wet roads, it was like someone had sprinkled broken glass over the entire course, I lost count at 30 flats and those are just the ones I saw, many folks burned through 2 tubes. SAG support musta been going nutso.

Now me, i had on Gatorskins Tires, and got no flats. But that is the only good thing working for me on the ride.

I AM NOW SHOUTING this loud and clear. ALL you wimpy ladies afraid to fall while biking, read up. I was climbing a very steep hill and simply ground to a halt, could not make my pedals go around and BOOM, I went down like a Redwood tree on a bad hill. Lucky some really big guy came buy and helped to extricate me from my bike and get me on two feet.

But i still had a problem, I cannot start my bike and clip in when going up a steep hill, so i had to walk a long long ways, was wishing for my big son Frey to help me get clipped in, he woulda run next to me to get me going, that is just the kind of kid he is. Frey, where were you????

oh yeah, in Florida,

Then Cassandra whom I am riding with takes off at mile 30 and i never see her again, where cassy went is anybody's guess cuz I was burning flubber to find her. Think she had some invisible motor on her bike cuz the last i saw was her blond hair blowing as she vanished ahead.

Plus if i had to ride up one more hill I was going to call a cab. Really, geez oh man.

BUT, ladies, i fell, i am exhausted but you know what, I will be biking again, falling is not hard, just go with the bike and in a short time you hit pavement and the fall is ALL over.

The ride was good, a good prep for my North Carolina ride where i have to climb Mt Everest. But three weeks in a row of 50 + mile rides and I am looking forward to doing just 30 miles.

Friday, June 12, 2009

just heard the weather forecast

Next week, so far, according to Accuweather Channel 6, looks to be very nice and pleasant. Definitely planning a Tuesday eve and Thurs eve ride. Tues will take off at 5 and I hope to do cue # 232, it is around 26 miles hence the reason we need to leave by 5.

Thursday will be a 530 ride and we will do less miles, out Camp Linden, Brandywine Drive, rt 162 and back on Ground Hog College. A nice ride and not too long.

So plan your week accordingly if you can and get out and bike.

lots of chicks doing the French Creek

Sunday is the French Creek Iron Tour, a great ride, lots of hills but worth it just to be able to ride on the quiet back roads of this course.

I plan on being at the registration table at 730 and hope to take off shortly after. Last year it took me 6 hrs to do the 50 miles, so I am hoping for a better time this year.

Took my bike to my brother in law who showed me how to change the front derailleur cable which is actually pretty easy.

Changing the back derailleur cable will be tougher as the tension needs to be adjusted for the shifting. That will be my next lesson.

But slowly over time I am learning how to do everything on my bike myself. I also got a lesson on how to tape the handlebars, also, not that hard, just takes practice.

So for now, I carry the quick release chain link, an extra cable and a chain tool. So hopefully I can make enough repairs to at least get myself home if something breaks.

If you buy the quick release chain link, make sure to count the chain rings on your back gear cassette as it makes a difference which link you buy.

Same for the cable, tell the clerk the brand name of your derailleur.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

update on SRT assault

from a Phila Bike Club member......

From HH of the Phila Bike Club
Subject: [bcp] SRT Assault Follow-up

I attended last night's meeting in Norristown with various police and
government officials, plus a roomful of concerned cyclists. Much was
discussed, which I will leave to Steve Sheetz to report on, since he is
heavily involved in these type of things.

I do want to mention that one of the most important things I got out of the
meeting was the value of reporting ALL incidents. I was amazed when we were
told that there were very few incidents in the last 3 years, while the
experiences of those in the audience painted a very different picture. It
seemed like many had a story to tell, mostly of harassment, but some with
violence or the threat of violence. It appeared that the scope of the
problem in that area was news to many of the police/government people in

There will be some things set up to make it simple for anyone to report an
incident of ANY nature. Once set up, I will see that this mechanism is
displayed on the BCP website, and would recommend SCU do the same. We can
look forward to details from Steve (sorry to put all this pressure on you,
but you are the man).

Bottom line, PLEASE report anything, regardless of how small it is, not just
something that would require a 911 call. Its the only way to capture the
extent problems, and where they lie.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

if no rain on thursday

Thursday eve ride will be 430 if anyone is around

changing the time in case the weather does hold


anybody plannning on riding tonight??

what time do you all want, 5 or 530

the cue is 26 miles, so we will be coming back near dark if we leave at 530

email me or tweet me and let me know your plans


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

supposed to be nice on wed 6/10

I am riding tomorrow, leaving Hot Foot at 5 pm, will do the Cannery Rd cue #232 as a warm up for French Creek,

anyone who wants to try a great ride, see you tomorrow at 5 pm


tues eve ride

if it rains tonight, 6/9, ride will be moved to wednesday eve at 5 pm

check blog or twitter for updates

twitter username


Monday, June 8, 2009

we are so lucky in Chester County

Truly, those of you not biking, you are missing some of the nicest cycling in the country, really!
We have so many nice area rides to choose from as well.

Chester County Challenge May 31, a fantastic ride, hard but worth it

Pedal to Preserve, June 6 which i just did and will DO AGAIN

French Creek Iron Tour, June 14, biking in countryside that is beyone nice and quiet, yes we will have hills, but this ride is worth the effort, did this ride last year and loved it

Dog Daze August 1, Brandywine Bike Club, this ride is right in our backyard and super fun

Covered Bridge Metric August 16 out in Lancaster, we bike through 7 covered bridges and see Amish country up close and personal

This many rides so close to home makes our county unique and gives cyclists a chance to ride in different areas with ride support, food and SAG both and to support good causes.

SO get your bike out and do some fun cycling.

latest update on SRT assault


there is going to be a public meeting listed below about the recent attack on the female cyclist who managed to get away from a group of folks intent on hurting her, read below for details of the meeting if interested in attending.......... from Steve of the Phila Bike Club

The meeting, with county officials and the Norristown Police Department will be held Wednesday in 1 Montgomery Plaza. If you are arriving by bicycle, I will be at the Norristown Transportation Center from 6:30, to point! If you do not know me, I will be the rather large Cyclist wearing a Hammer Nutrition Jersey riding a black bike with "Red Tail Hawk" on the down tube.

The meeting will start at 7PM in Room 202, second floor, One Montgomery Plaza, Swede and Airy Sts. Norristown.
Bikes can be left in the building lobby, there is a security guard on duty. ______________________


rides for week of june 8

tuesday and thursday evening, 5:15 ish, Tweet me if coming, and if weather is good, I will go, if weather is good we will do cue 232, if it is iffy, the ride will be shorter and closer to home, all depends

I have no ride up yet for Saturday, looking for a volunteer to lead a ride

as French Creek is on Sunday and i do not usually ride two days in row if the 2nd day is the harder ride

who is doing the French Creek

heard from Laura up in Pottstown, and Ellen and I are doing the ride, who else???

email if going, so we can meet up, i hope to be on the road by 730 ish

there is no mass start at this ride, so we can take off as soon as we register


Sunday, June 7, 2009

clearly the only way to get women on bikes

I am convinced that getting women on bikes is harder than performing brain surgery, women do not make time for it, are not committed to doing it, prefer spinning class (which does not even come close to road biking) or taking walks and talking with other chicks. Yesterday I was amazed at how many ladies I DID SEE biking on the Pedal to Preserve. So some chicks are biking, just not the Biker Chicks.

Check out this video, as it shows what is probably the only way to get women on bikes!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pedal to Preserve

JUST a short post, this ride was absolutely the best ever. Nice and flat with gentle rolling hills, nothing hard, would have been an excellent ride for a new rider to try a 50. Three rest stops and we biked right through the heart of Lancaster County farmland. We rode about as close as you can get to someone's farm without going down their driveways.

Will get some pics up later, but for you ladies still sitting at home fretting over riding, you missed one humdinger of a ride.

Anyone could make the 50 on this ride. Not much different from biking on the Schuylkill Trail and apparently a lot safer. Only folks we saw were the Amish.

NEXT SUNDAY, FRENCH CREEK IRON TOUR, another fabo ride right in our backyard.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

from the Bicycle Coalition of Phila blog

Bicyclist Assaulted on the Schuylkill River Trail in Norristown

On Wednesday evening a female bicyclist was sucker punched as she passed by a gang of 6-7 men in black jeans and red shirts hanging out near the trail. She didn't have enough time to turn around so instead she just hammered past them but was punched in the face.

Amazingly she didn't fall off her bike and was able to get away. According to police there has been an increase in gang activity in the area and that may (or may not)explain the red shirts. We had another report earlier in the day of 4 men in red shirts but that cyclist reported other people around.

This location (Schuylkill River Trail at Haws Avenue) has had isolated cyclist harassment problems in the past in the late spring and summer although there have been no serious injuries to date. The county has responded by clearing brush to prevent bad guys from hiding in the shrubbery.

We recommend that you should not travel alone in the vicinity of Haws Avenue in the late afternoon or evening. If you are alone carry your cell phone and wait for other bicyclists before proceeding. If you see trouble get yourself to a safe place and call police and render aid if you need to.

Members of the Bicycle Coalition's Montgomery County Committee are talking to the Norristown Police about this incident. The location is less than a mile west of the Norristown Transportation Center you should see signs as the Norristown Farm Park Connector Route which begins at Haws Avenue.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Calling all chicks and friends of chicks, a Tweet Party now being planned at Connie's house. We are looking at July 12, Sunday around 4 ish. Details to come.

Party will be about how to use Twitter and how to set your phone up to receive Tweets. The bike ride notification is a perfect application for Twitter as it enables you to get last minute tweets about bike rides.

Last night with the iffy weather, Twitter proved very helpful especially to those driving from work to the rides.

Tweet Party will also be a bike clinic too, answer any questions and practice anything you want. I will give lessons on how to repair a bike chain as well and possibly how to repair a broken bike cable.

Mark your calendar, and get ready to learn how to Tweet. Bring laptop and cell phone and we can get everyone hooked up.

Pedal to Preserve

also this Saturday is the Pedal to Preserve ride in Lancaster, I am going to this ride and doing 50 miles, I hear it is flat and a pleasant ride and supports a good cause.

I am leaving from my house at 6:15 if anyone wants to follow, i may have room for one more bike, email if interested

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Biker Chick ride up for Saturday

Katherine Lowe and Mike have volunteered to lead a Biker Chick ride this Saturday morning. Leave time is 8:30 am from Hot Foot, check the WCCC ride page for cue # 145

Thanks so much katherine and mike, let's see some chicks riding this weekend.

CUE #145

Monday, June 1, 2009

rides for week of June1

Tuesday 5:15 June 2- encouraging new riders to come out, I am a little disappointed at how few new riders have come this season. There is no way to improve unless you bike. If weather holds, we will do around 20 miles. Hot Foot meet up

Thursday 5:30 June 4 20 miles or so, probably do cue #232 again. Beautiful ride.

Saturday June 6 LOOKING FOR someone to lead a Biker Chick ride. I will be doing the Pedal to Preserve in Lancaster but wish someone would step up and volunteer to lead a Saturday ride,

ANY TAKERS??? email me

CCC ride report

Slideshow of the ride, took many pics while biking so they may be blurry. The ride was wonderful, yes it was hilly but it was doable. The scenery and ride were worth it. Biked on roads I had never been on.

It was a great day, you should plan to do this ride next year.