Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my clothes came

ladies, i posted this post before, my bike clothes came and the stuff is awesome. Considering the most I spent on a top was $29, I got two for just $14, both tops and shorts look very good.

Suggest you try this site first, order somethings and see if they fit, you can always return them.

I found a great site for bike clothing that is currently running some spectacular close out sales. The company is Voler, click here for website. The top above is selling for $14. Not all tops are available in all sizes. This company's jerseys run true to size and have NO elastic on the bottoms. This is the same company WCCC used to use for our club jerseys. For some unknown reason, WCCC switched to some other company that most of the chicks are not happy with.

I ordered several jerseys and 2 pairs of shorts, again, all on closeout or sale priced. If new to cycling and looking for a bargain, suggest you take a look at the site.

I get no money for saying this!!

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