Saturday, October 24, 2015

Road Hogs making life miserable for all cyclists

The following post appeared on my bike club's Facebook page. One rider complaining about other riders from our club.

from the post......For the 4 riders on ABC Mill Road this morning at about 11:00am, when you coast down the middle of the road at 15mph, 2 wide, having a chat and poking each other, with a line of 4-5 cars behind you, those drivers get upset. When those drivers get upset with you, they get upset with all of us the next time we are out there. Respect goes both ways.

(disclaimer, don't know who these guys are)

Somebody please tell me what motivates group riders to ride oblivious to everyone else on the road. I don't want to follow these guys, do you?? How in blazes name can a car pass these morons? Then if a car buzzes them they are the first to raise the middle finger.

Riders like this make my beyond angry. They make me vulnerable on the road. I ride solo and I do all i can to make it easy for cars to pass me. I move over, I slow down, whatever it takes to help the car get safely past me. My apologies to this pig, but this is what I think of you large group riders when you blast down the road with this motto on your breath... me, myself and I.

sorry pig, you probably know better