Monday, March 16, 2009

Find your inner crazy


In order to bike on the roads of our town and county, you HAVE to give in to your inner crazy. Cuz biking with fast cars whizzing by and narrow country roads requires some fearlessness or what I like to call crazy. IN order to get that bike out and start riding you have to shed all fears and stop thinking negatively about yourself. LET LOOSE. Put on the spandex and wear it proudly. I am so tired of hearing WHY YOU CANNOT bike. How about why you do bike.

I know someone who is into craziness and loves it and does not apologize for it when it comes to sport and riding the bike. This fellow does tri-athlons.


First, the shamefully crazy behave exactly as their name implies: they are embarrassed to be crazy. In regards to training, the shamefully crazy often talk about putting in "work" - which is their training time - before they can go off and enjoy non-triathlon activities. It's as if they are ashamed to enjoy riding a bike and floating in a pool, as if training is some punishment to endure before life pleasures can be enjoyed. This is a front these shamefully crazy trainees put up, for secretly, they love their training. In order to attempt to conform to our societal standards, the shamefully crazy hides their insane love for multisport, and attempts to "fit multisport into a normal life". A shamefully crazy trainee might talk about how they don't like wearing spandex on the bike, but everyone does it, so they just go along with the crowd. "I don't like to shave for races, but I just do it to fit in," they might say. The shamefully crazy half-ass their commitment to multisport by trying to maintain their connection to a so called 'normal' life.

Then, there's the unapologetically crazy. They wear an all-white spandex cycling outfit, unapologetically. There is no talk of multisport fitting into a normal life. Mutlisport is the life, and it's a proudly crazy one. When it comes to how much to train in a week, the unapologetically crazy think about how much multisport would kill them, then back off maybe 1%. When together with eachother, the unapologetically crazy use the word "training" in atleast 50% of their sentences. They're crazy, they'll tell you they're crazy, and they love being crazy.

Needless to say, I am unapologetically crazy. I hang out exclusively with people who are also unapologetically crazy. Odds are, if you don't fit into the unapologetically crazy category, I don't like you.

Crazy people make sense to me; it's the 'normal' people who I don't understand. It's seems to me that normal people, and even shamefully crazy people, are always trying to hide something or conform to some false indentity. Give me a unabashedly crazy person anyday. Most beautifully, the unapologetically crazy pass no judgment on others, for in accepting their own craziness, they open themselves to accepting craziness in others.

Shakespeare said it best,

"This above all: to thine own self be true"


frey maxim said...

that is one damn well written post

Libby Maxim said...

you sure are crazy freybird