Monday, April 20, 2009

shoes and cleats

shoes and cleats

Some of you are looking to get cleats and pedals. DO some research before you march right out and buy them. Visit a bike store and talk to someone and gather some information. I personally recommend Look pedals and you can get a cheaper version of the one below. Cleats for LOOK run about $15 or so. I also recommend ROAD shoes over mountain bike shoes. But many in the club USE BOTH. GO to a bike store and try on shoes. Figure out what size you wear. Then get on the Net and start searching for closeouts and last year's models. Try Ebay, it sells new stuff.

Bike equipment is very personal, do not buy the most expensive thing first. Buy something and then learn what u like or do not like. You can always sell a bike purchase mistake on Ebay.

Before the biking season starts, CHECK your shoes and cleats, tighten all screws and look at the cleat. If worn and in bad shape BUY NEW ones, cleats should be changed, they do not last forever.

If you get new cleats, save the old screws and put them into you bike bag, they may come in handy some day when a loose screw falls out during riding.

the Speeplay pedal, this option is a good pedal but it is a little pricey. If you buy Speedplay pedals do not buy the top of the line unless you plan on riding in the Tour de France with Lance. But you MUST get the Speedplay cleats and covers as the cleats for Speedplay cannot be walked upon as the mountain bike cleats can.

the KEO pedal- a good choice, this is the pedal i use, again there are different levels of perfection with these pedals, I do suggest buying a high level KEO pedal as you get the most float out of the upper price pedals and your knees will thank you.

There is a 3rd option for shoes and cleats, you can buy either mountain bike shoes or road shoes and then get the mountain bike cleat. This cleat is called SPD and is made by Shimano and others. I have the least knowledge of this cleat. I do have mountain bike shoes that I use for spinning classes and have this cleat. It is a very inexpensive cleat. This is your cheapest option, pedals are cheaper as well as the cleat.

Go to Hot Foot and or the Exton Bike store and ask about all three types of cleats and see what you learn.

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