Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fabo ride today on Trail

Eileen and Margie are improving by leaps and bounds, and a new chick came, Laureen. Julia came and used her cleats for the first time, Cassandra continues to perfect her shifting. The trail was just great today.

Next Scheduled Weekend trail ride, we will bike from Betzwood to the Art Museum. This will be a 55 mile ride and will be in preparation for our 50 mile French Creek Iron Tour. Plan now. SRT and the Drives are open all the way to the Art Museum on May 31, Sunday.

(Let the training begin if you are doing the French Creek Iron Tour. Ya got to bike, go out after work for just an hour, it is better than NOT riding.)

Meet at 7:30 am, this will be a fast paced ride. This ride can change depending on the schedule of the Drives and the weather of course. Check blog for updates.

This gives you a heads up with your schedules and activities. If we leave at 7:30 am we should be back by noon. Bring lots of snacks and two large water bottles with stuff in them.

Bring money and a spare tube etc. Any break down on the trail has to be fixed on the trail. Make sure bike is in working order.

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