Tuesday, April 7, 2009


from the Free Online Dictionary-

To fail to take advantage of; lose a chance for

from Merriam Webster-

to lose (as an advantage or opportunity) through negligence or inaction or to


Biker Chicks is giving ladies, young and old, a chance to bike with other ladies and learn a great great sport that will take you well into your 70s and 80s

many of you are too young to be thinking of this age zone but it is THE time for you to start to get some good hobbies to prepare yourself for retirement

folks who retire and have fun are folks who LIKE doing stuff, and it does not have to be expensive stuff

if you get yourself a good bike now while you are working, it can last a lifetime, you can always upgrade the parts once you have a good frame

many of you say you are just too busy to bike, well i have been biking since my kids were young, i used to go out myself on sunday mornings before anyone woke up, so i made time to bike

once my kids got old enough, i took them on bike rides, my hubby and I taught our kids how to have fun, we played a lot with our kids and mostly did cheap inexpensive stuff with them, we rarely spent big bucks on play

all the excuses many of you use for not biking are simply that - excuses

unless you make time now while you are working and young to find lifelong fun healthy hobbies

when you do retire, you are stuck, if all you do is work work work

when you stop working , you are just plain stuck and have no idea how to spend your time productively

you will never utter on your death bed, "i wish i had worked more"

my hubby and I are retired and we both have great physical activity hobbies,

we do not have to travel the globe to have fun, we simply enjoy our hobbies, we do them locally and save money that way

so back to the title SQUANDER

that is what you are doing by not taking this opportunity to bike and MAKE IT a habit

a once every 2 months bike ride is not a hobby

I cannot force you on a bike but trust me

there are few opportunities like this, where a lady is begging you to get on your bike and ride

enough said

get on your bike, got lots of rides coming, start biking, lose your fears, if you at home dieting and thinking, I am too fat to bike, i will wait till i lose some weight, you are kidding yourself

for one, I could care less what you look like, i dont care what you wear or how you look on your bike, all i care about is seeing YOU ON the bike


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