Monday, April 13, 2009

ok, here is what i have learned so far about twitter

i have a username which is LibsM

if you sign up at Twitter, and get an account, yu can then sign up to follow me

and you can set the twitter to post to your phone

and get any last minute changes in a bike ride, or emergencies etc

it requires each to have a twitter account, no you do not need to do anything with your account except to follow me and get ride updates on your phone

i am going to suggest this scenario to the WCCC riders, it would be an easy way to hear about last minute rides etc

it DOES NOT require you to post anything on your account

you can use any name you want, i am following one chick now and from her username, you would have no idea who she was

you can also set your account to NOT be followed, again, all privacy settings in your account

so just a thought, i do think Twitter would the the way to go to keep abreast of bike ride information or to know if someone was on the road and in trouble

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