Sunday, April 19, 2009

riding in a bike group with Chicks

Biker Chicks tends to attract riders of many levels. This makes the ride tough for those who want to go fast and it is tough for those who need to go slow.

Changes I am making to Saturday rides ONLY which are posted to the entire club:

1. If group is larger than 8 riders, we will split up according to riding skills.

2. Everyone must bring a cue and be prepared to lead a group. If I know you are a fast rider, I will be asking you to lead a group.

3. Get a cue sheet holder and HAVE IT ON YOUR BIKE with the cue in it.

4. Before the ride, take time to look at cue. DO NOT COME to a ride unprepared as to where we are biking. I have had chicks come and say where are we going? This is frustrating for me as I have put in a lot of time preparing for the ride and hope that you do too.

5. Chicks and guys who come flying into the ride last minute with no cue ARE on their own. You will make your own group.

6. I will not give oral turn by turn directions anymore unless I decide to make a change in the cue for some reason, traffic, weather etc.

7. If you want to bike with the Chicks on Saturday morning, you MUST get out during the week and do some rides. Once a week riding will not be enough for you to keep up through the season. We do ride on hills, it is impossible not to.

I get out myself at least 2x during the week. Check out the map on the post below for the Malvern ride. I do this ride and feel very safe on it. Much of the ride is on back roads and in housing developments. A few miles are on busy roads.

I have this ride up for Thursday evening of this week, 5:30, it is 20 miles and we must go a decent pace to finish before dark. Come and try it. If you have been riding during the week, this ride should be fine for you. At 11 mph, it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. That is about as slow as we can go and still get home in time.

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