Monday, April 20, 2009

twittering away

Roald Dahl was way ahead of his time!

funny about twitter and it's instant popularity now with celebrities, Barbarba Walters and Oprah
are now twittering,

well Chicks are now twittering, to get my twits to your phone, if you cannot find the option on the webpage try this

send a message from your phone-- txt to 40404 follow LibsM

but first make sure you have used the settings and hooked up your cell

REMEMBER, Twitter is a SanFran company most likely run by kids around 25 yrs old, I am sure they are struggling to keep up with the demand and Twitter right now is not a perfect science.

When I twit, all my twits will appear on the blog over there on the right, if you are not getting these to your phone this will alert you to fix it

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