Wednesday, April 22, 2009

twittering, we need some 2 yo to help us

Twittering is trial and error. Another way to twitter, I think, to someone's page is to use the @ sign before the username. It will go to that person's site as well as your own site. Again, I am only guessing and as more folks use Twitter, us dinosaurs might actually learn how to use it.

some tips:

1. to direct a message to a specific person use direct message either on the computer or if on phone text d space username space message to 40404

2. the @ in front of a name also will let that twit appear on the username's page but also it will be seen by all who are following that person as well, I THINK

3. Twitter is not an exact science, if you learn something, post to me and i can post to the blog


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