Friday, April 3, 2009

the need for speed

many many people I talk to are afraid to come bike with West Chester Cycling Club because of intimidation, you ask what are they intimidated about??

1. the gear, all that spandex and folks who all look like they all weigh nothing more than 100 lbs a piece
2. the bikes, so sleek so shiny, so expensive
3. so many men, so few chicks
4. how to know where to go when you arrive at Hot Foot lot
5. trying to keep up with the speeders, they go too fast for me
6. afraid of getting dropped by a group
7. everyone seems to know each other
8. they are so young
9. i am just plain scared
10. so i do not go

Well, you have the Biker Chicks now, look for me, tall, with a red bike, I stick out like a sore thumb, not hard to find me. There is no need for speed with the chicks, we do stop and rest. We take time to smell the roses.

So if looking to bike and afraid to try, come bike with the Chicks. Rides are open to women and men who want something different.

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