Thursday, April 16, 2009

Evening rides starting next thursday

April 23, 5:30 sharp at Hot Foot

20-25 miles, NOT a newbie ride, pace will be C level, 11-13 mph average, one stop

Newbie evening rides will be posted during the season, check blog

Evening rides are Show and Go, remember, if you want to know if I am showing, follow me on Twitter, RIDES will be Tuesday and Thursday evening, last minute changes will be on Twitter, you can also check Twitter on the blog as well at the Biker Chicks site.

YOU MUST HAVE a blinkie tail light, buy one and put it on your bike, NO blinkie NO ride, plain and simple

and wear something beside black! please, it gets dark, if you do not want to be hit by a car, make sure you SHOW on the road

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