Tuesday, April 21, 2009

report from WCCC ride leader meeting 4/20

1. Never more than 2 abreast on ALL roads, no ear phones, do not follow close unless you have experience in a pace line, PLEASE

2. When ride leader yells single up, EVERYONE has to get in line, EVERYONE, even if you think there is enough room for a car to pass

3. Everyone on ride is responsible for his or her ride, bring cue, if you get separated and need to get home you need a CUE, do not depend on ME to give you directions on how to get back

4. As Frank says, it happens, even under the best circumstances, i can lose a chick

5. If you like to ride way ahead be prepared to be left if i decide to make a turn

6. Have a cell phone with my number -484-678-0329

7. Do not bunch up at intersections, pick the stops in places with a large off road pavement or get in a single file line at the stop

8. If you do get dropped, please send an email to ride leader and let them know what happened

9. AND most important, get out and ride, the devoted club members ride a lot and as a result they get lots better, so if you do not ride, do not expect a large group to wait for you, bring your cue and hopefully you can lead a slower group in the Biker Chick group

10. We will split into 2 groups if the numbers are large, so be prepared to be ASKED to lead a group

anything can happen in a ride and each rider has to be prepared to use a cue sheet to go for help or whatever may come up

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