Thursday, April 2, 2009

French Creek Iron Tour

French Creek Iron Tour site is up and running, register NOW. If you register early, you get a discount and a free T shirt.

Bike Jerseys will be able to be ordered but that web feature is not yet up and running at the French Creek Iron Tour site.

I am registered for the 50 miles. I did this ride last year with Elaine and Laura and it was a sensational ride. It was a little hilly but we took our time and did fine. There are nice rest stops along the way and they have police at busy intersections.

Make sure to have plenty of your own bike food and bike tire changing stuff with you. 2 spare tubes. I carry C02 and I have a good pump, so you just need to make sure you have tubes and FOOD and DRINK with you. We refill bottles etc at the rest stops.

Come on out. Would love to have a big group of chicks do this ride. Trust me, the scenery is worth it.

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