Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rides for week of April 20

Rides for week of April 20

April 23, 5:30 Hot Foot, 20 miles, 11- 12.5 mph, make sure you can do this speed

for a map of the ride,

Check the cue sheet, i could get a turn wrong, so look at it, if you see an error let me know as i can fix it.

April 25 9:30 Hot Foot 31 miles 11- 12.5 mph

cue # 20, right now I do not know where the link is, have emailed Frank to ask him what happened to the cue link on the WCCC page, but here is the a link to the pdf, let me know if you can get this link to open


BRING CUE for saturday ride, if you choose to ride ahead, you'd better have a cue with you.

For now, anyone who rides way out in front is officially in another group. Bring cue and stay together with whomever else wants to ride out front with you. If group is large, we will split into two groups, so be prepared to lead a group.

April 26 11 am Hot Foot Newbie Ride, 20 miles, 9-11 mph

email me if coming, libby.maxim@gmail.com or Twitter me

username - LibsM

same CUE SHEET as the Thursday evening ride, BRING IT, if you are a newbie, TRY and come to this ride. Lots of training. If you continually do not do the newbie rides, you will not be able to bike on Saturday mornings.

As the Chicks who bike do just that, they BIKE and they get better.

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