Saturday, April 18, 2009

lost a chick today


we had a large group, men and women today, 12 riders, so the group got strung out and we lost a chick somewhere between Rt 842 and Rt 322

on Creek Road

things I learned today:

1. when men ride with us, i will have to lay the law down, no one PASSES me, if you want to ride fast, bring the cue sheet and ride by yourselves out in front, if you cannot ride a Chick pace, find another group to ride with. we will get faster, just not right now.

2. never assume all the ladies are keeping up, MY ERROR

3. make sure chicks have my cell number, 484-678-0329, put it into your cell, again, my error

As I said, the group was big, our pace was not particularly fast but with hills it is easy to drop someone. And as i stated above, I will be stricter about the group rules with the men although I have had a few chicks do this as well.

When someone comes and rides out in front and raises the speed of the group, this is called Hijacking a ride, I will do better next time this happens. I apologize to the chick we lost and promise it will never happen again.

We were never too far from the boro so I am assuming said chicklet made it home ok.

Many times during the summer, people will join the Chicks and say things like:

i have been sick for 6 months, i think i will ride with u and then they proceed to hijack the ride.

or say they are out of shape when we all know they are not, and again, hijack the ride

so I am laying down the HAMMER now, when riding with me, you bike my pace and no faster, if u want to bike faster, fine, just do it in another group or bring the cue and bike out ahead

i am fine with that, i just dont want u out in front and then yelling back, which way?

cuz next time that happens I am sending you the wrong way!

we had one guy on the ride who had the cue memorized, again, I am fine with him out front as long as he understands we do not consider him part of the group and will not yell out to him if we want to stop

same applies for any chick way out in front, that is fine, just dont expect me to yell directions to you

and if yu plan on riding faster, just tell us at the beginning of the ride, so we know

well enough of my rant

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