Monday, June 29, 2009

riding safe and NOT PIGGING the road

We had a great ride on Saturday but I allowed some bad mistakes on the ride.

1. Bunching up at intersections - this has to be a NO NO, cars get mad, don't blame them, we should know better

2. Not getting single file fast enough - again, we know better, we have to be aware of the cars on the road

3. when we stop for rest stops, we MUST get off of the road, again, these mistakes are the mistakes of the ride leader which is ME

so let's all help me by trying to remember the above issues, a very problematic road is Powell Road when we are climbing it and heading onto rt 162, next time I have a group on this road, we will go up in smaller groups and have a plan, this past Saturday we were pigging the entire road

Bad Form, so let's pitch in and help in these matters, thanks

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