Friday, June 12, 2009

lots of chicks doing the French Creek

Sunday is the French Creek Iron Tour, a great ride, lots of hills but worth it just to be able to ride on the quiet back roads of this course.

I plan on being at the registration table at 730 and hope to take off shortly after. Last year it took me 6 hrs to do the 50 miles, so I am hoping for a better time this year.

Took my bike to my brother in law who showed me how to change the front derailleur cable which is actually pretty easy.

Changing the back derailleur cable will be tougher as the tension needs to be adjusted for the shifting. That will be my next lesson.

But slowly over time I am learning how to do everything on my bike myself. I also got a lesson on how to tape the handlebars, also, not that hard, just takes practice.

So for now, I carry the quick release chain link, an extra cable and a chain tool. So hopefully I can make enough repairs to at least get myself home if something breaks.

If you buy the quick release chain link, make sure to count the chain rings on your back gear cassette as it makes a difference which link you buy.

Same for the cable, tell the clerk the brand name of your derailleur.

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