Tuesday, June 30, 2009

chicks learning bike maintenance

July 12 4:00 at Connie's home - chicks will spend time learning how to take care of their bikes. If you want to ride a good road bike, YOU MUST learn how to maintain it. It is one thing to ride on the roads, but maintaining the bike is most important.

Simply taking the bike to the bike shop is not enough. You need to know what is not working on your bike, and what parts might need replacing. Asking a bike shop to check your bike is NOT enough. As you have no idea what that means if you are not up to speed on what it takes to keep your bike running smoothly.

some things to know about:

1. chain maintenance

2. cables and derailleurs

3. wheels

4. brakes

5. tires and tubes

6. what to carry on your bike

and it goes on and on, as i have said, don't wait for the bike shop, boyfriend or hubby to maintain your bike - It IS YOUR job!

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