Wednesday, June 17, 2009

calling all chicks and newbies

Thursday eve 530 Hot Foot if not raining, I will ride in cloudy weather, so come on out, just doing 20 miles, in and out, not hard. Give it a whirl

Saturday morning 8 am Hot Foot, cue # 145 flat and nice ride, come on out, give it a try

Monday morning 10 am NEWBIE RIDE on the Schuylkill River Trail
meet at Betzwood (look on the right column of the blog, right under the calendar is a link to directions to Betzwood)

Will do whatever the Newbies want. Get the dust off of that bike and come ride. Hey, if I can fall in front of a lot of folks and have to have some big guy pull me off of my bike, you can ride on a safe FLAT trail. You have no excuse. See you there, pop me an email or a Tweet to let me know if you are coming. Bring a friend, bring anyone, just show up.

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