Thursday, June 25, 2009

found nice new way back into boro

tonight we did the new re-entry into the boro that cassandra and i did on tuesday eve, take a left off the Rt 842 bridge and head north as if going all the way up rt 842

then veer off onto N Creek and take it all the way to rt 162, cross rt 162 go left, go right on N Creek and take it to rt 322

cross rt 322 and head up Frank Road past East Bradford Elementary school and follow Frank which turns into Copeland School Road to rt 322, cross it again and take Highland then right on Brookworth

cross rt 322 AGAIN, and take W Ashbridge to New, follow New to Hot Foot

nice path and it avoids 842 and 322 and Frank is nice and quiet

give it a whirl if out someday

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