Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flat City

Did the French Creek Iron Tour today, great ride but with the wet roads, it was like someone had sprinkled broken glass over the entire course, I lost count at 30 flats and those are just the ones I saw, many folks burned through 2 tubes. SAG support musta been going nutso.

Now me, i had on Gatorskins Tires, and got no flats. But that is the only good thing working for me on the ride.

I AM NOW SHOUTING this loud and clear. ALL you wimpy ladies afraid to fall while biking, read up. I was climbing a very steep hill and simply ground to a halt, could not make my pedals go around and BOOM, I went down like a Redwood tree on a bad hill. Lucky some really big guy came buy and helped to extricate me from my bike and get me on two feet.

But i still had a problem, I cannot start my bike and clip in when going up a steep hill, so i had to walk a long long ways, was wishing for my big son Frey to help me get clipped in, he woulda run next to me to get me going, that is just the kind of kid he is. Frey, where were you????

oh yeah, in Florida,

Then Cassandra whom I am riding with takes off at mile 30 and i never see her again, where cassy went is anybody's guess cuz I was burning flubber to find her. Think she had some invisible motor on her bike cuz the last i saw was her blond hair blowing as she vanished ahead.

Plus if i had to ride up one more hill I was going to call a cab. Really, geez oh man.

BUT, ladies, i fell, i am exhausted but you know what, I will be biking again, falling is not hard, just go with the bike and in a short time you hit pavement and the fall is ALL over.

The ride was good, a good prep for my North Carolina ride where i have to climb Mt Everest. But three weeks in a row of 50 + mile rides and I am looking forward to doing just 30 miles.


Laura said...

I did the ride with my husband... was not expecting all those hills AT ALL. Walked a little bit and ended up getting a ride at 37 miles. Not my best moment, but I was beat! Lots of flats and saw quite a few falls on bridges/wet roads. At least the weather turned out nice!

Eileen said...

Libby, so sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are not too stiff today. Sounds like it was a very tough ride, but you made it! Way to go!