Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cleat maintenance

After all the walking I had to do at the French Creek Iron Tour, I decided to take a look at my cleats. They were well worn so I bought a new pair that also came with cleat covers.

It is a good idea to turn your bike shoes over and take a look at your cleats. Now if you have mountain bike shoes and cleats, their maintenance may not be as critical since the cleat is recessed.

I have Look pedals and exposed cleats so that when i walk on my bike shoes, my cleats hit the pavement. It is also a good idea to check the screws and make sure they are tight.

If you replace your cleats, use the templates that come with the cleats and follow the directions on how to replace your cleat into the same spot as the old cleat.

I save the extra screws and washers and carry them in my bike bag in case I lose one on a bike ride.

Hey, this is just some of the good information that you will get at our next Bike Clinic and Tweet Party. So come on out and learn something new.

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