Friday, June 26, 2009

Calling all chicks

Bike Clinic, Twitter Party and FOOD

July 12, 4:00 Connie Synder's House

4pm Connie's house, (address to come later, she is just off of RT 202 just south of rt 926)
Ask that they; Write on a piece of paper, your favorite biking "thing" (one or more) This could be a tip about biking, a sports drink, energy bar, bike lights, etc. Tell where to purchase or bring recipes, etc. Bring it with you and we will post them all on a big board to share with everyone.

We will have balloons and instructions available to figure out what your vital lung capacity is.
Libby will add to our bike clinic skills and show how to repair a bike chain, change a tire, and learn how to change a cable as well, BRING bike if you plan on changing a tire or cleaning it, bring some towels and bike chain lube. Recommend Pedros Road Rage

RSVP to connie and 610-247-2367 or Please bring some type of finger food to share.
So far:
Connie - cocktail meatballs
Eileen Fresta is coming
Ellen Zadoff is coming Libby- shrimp cocktail, would not miss this, sounds like so much fun

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